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Welcome to CWU

Welcome to the Academic and Student Life web page at Central Washington University where an excellent faculty provides optimal learning environments with small classes in state-of-the-art classrooms. We take pride in being teacher/scholars who work directly and intensively with small groups of students in the classroom, in mentored undergraduate and graduate research, and in civic engagement.

Central Washington University offers over 150 different undergraduate degrees and options in over 40 departments and interdisciplinary programs. Seventeen departments offer a total of 27 graduate degree programs many of which offer research assistantships and tuition waivers. Many of our programs are nationally and internationally recognized for their quality. Our graduates have excellent job placement rates and go on to graduate and professional programs at major research universities across the country.

Please browse the Academic Programs web pages or the Student Affairs web pages for details. Send me your questions, comments and suggestions regarding academic programs and student life at Central Washington University to the Provost's Office.

A message from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences:

As we strive to create a more civil public discourse, a more adaptable and creative workforce, and a more secure nation, the humanities and social sciences are the heart of the matter, the keeper of the republic—a source of national memory and civic vigor, cultural understanding and communication, individual fulfillment and the ideals we hold in common. They are critical to a democratic society and they require our support.

Organizational Changes in Academic and Student Life

SURVEY - Organizational Changes in Academic and Student Life