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William O. Douglas Honors College



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The DHC curriculum enhances all majors and specializiations, equiping our students with the skills and life experiences crucial to achieving their goals in today's ever-changing economy and culture. Visit us today to meet our students, experience a class, see the beautiful campus of CWU and find out more about how the DHC will help you develop the vision, strength, skills and academic foundation to move forward through the next stages of your life and career.

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Our Students are the Future
DHC students have gone on to stellar and diverse careers in service, industry, education and the arts and sciences, becoming teachers, professors, diplomats, lawyers, performing artists, law enforcement personnel, scientists and engineers, among many other examples.

Many of our students are the first in their families to attend university and your support for DHC scholarships and programming can make a huge difference in their ability to graduate. Click the link below to help:


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40th Anniversary Cultural Event

Students, alumni, faculty and staff came together at the Seattle Repertory Theater on April 21 for a special 40th Anniversary spring cultural event with a reception followed by "The Great Leap," a play about basketball, culture and the realization that sometimes there’s more to life than ‘making the shot’.


This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the William O. Douglas Honors College (DHC), Central's premier interdisciplinary program for academically talented students. Focused on a mission of excellence through inclusive, evidence-based education, the Honors College works to prepare tomorrow’s leaders and educators for the diverse challenges of our global future and is named for America’s longest serving US Supreme Court Justice, Yakima resident and wilderness proponent William O. Douglas.

The DHC emphasizes evidence-based critical inquiry, leadership, undergraduate research and civic engagement by integrating residential and co-curricular learning opportunities and strengths-based advising with academic classroom experiences. DHC students take core honors courses satisfying Central’s general education requirements and upper-division seminars which supplement their major. A faculty mentored capstone project, designed to demonstrate the sustained focus and skills necessary for advanced work in the student's area(s) of expertise, provides students with a strong advantage in graduate school and job applications.







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