Athletics Events

Dive into CWU's athletic events, where vibrant camaraderie and spirited energy abound.

From roaring cheers in the stadium to intense competition, these gatherings embody the university's passionate community. Whether at a basketball game or cheering for football, join in unforgettable experiences that unite students, faculty, and fans in their love for the Wildcats.

Group Ticket Pricing

This allows groups to attend our events at a reduced rate or for a group to sell tickets to a CWU event for a fund-raising opportunity. For more information, please contact Tyler Unsicker at 509-963-3290.

Number of Tickets Football Soccer & Volleyball
15-25 $7 per ticket $5 per ticket
26-50 $6 per ticket $4 per ticket
50+ $5 per ticket $3 per ticket


Wildcat Tickets / Central Washington University
(509) 963-1429

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