Pantries and Food Assistance

How to use the Pantries

CWU faculty, staff, and students are welcome to use the pantries. We encourage wildcats to take what they need while being mindful that it is a shared community resource sustained on donations.

Brooks Library 101C hub

  1. Visit the pantry during the distribution hours listed below. We recommend shoppers bring their own bag.
  2. Check-in using your CWU Connection Card/ID Number number at the desk.
    1. Note: ID numbers confirm your affiliation with CWU. We do not collect any information beyond that. The only data we collect is the total # of visits and reoccurring visitors. Only our professional staff has access to the check-in results.
  3. Following our shoppers guide, peruse the shelves on your own and take what you need.
  4. Check-out by weighing and counting your items on our restock slip. You're all set!
    • Note: Logging outgoing items helps us know when to restock and make sure we maintain a good selection of products.

Professional Clothing Closet

Students can make an appointment to get clothing from the Professional Clothing Closet by going to this bookings page.

Mini grab & go pantries

No check-in process. You are free to stop by and take from the shelf anytime the building is open.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who stocks the pantries?

    The Black hall and Library locations are overseen and restocked on a weekly basis by the Wildcat Pantry team & Dining's Wildcat Harvest program. The purpose of opening a large pantry space in the Library was to reduce locations, so students did not bear the weight of managing 8 pantry locations across campus. Current grab & go locations have remained available due to the leadership and support of faculty & staff in those buildings.

  • Where do the packaged meals come from?

    The Food Recovery program was created by CWU Dining. Every week, meals from Holmes is repackaged and distributed to the Library and Black Hall pantry locations to provide meals to the campus community.

    Wildcats can volunteer to repackage meals. All you need is a food handlers card! Contact Elizabeth Adkins for more information.

  • How is the pantry funded?

    The pantries currently operate through donations: physical items as well as monetary contributions made to the PUSH Foundation account. Money from state or federal resources are not used to support the Wildcat Pantry at this time.

  • What happened to the Emergency Meals?

    The program has been suspended due to costs and focusing our efforts on the large pantry hub/several grab & go locations. Although the program is no longer active, our goal is to develop a more sustainable and long-term food assistance program for students.

  • Where else can I go for assistance?

Apply for SNAP

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides important nutritional support for low-wage, working families, seniors and people with disabilities on a fixed income, and other individuals and households with low incomes.

Fill out an application over the phone 877-501-2233 or at a local community service office.

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