Wildcat Pantry

The Wildcat Pantry is a free resource to all CWU students providing free food, essential clothing and hygiene & household products.

The Wildcat Pantry is a hub for students like you who need to grab something on the go or find those essential items for a late-night study session. Shelves stocked with school supplies, hygiene products, and even some fresh produce offer a quick solution for your busy schedule. Whether you're in between classes or need something late at night, the Wildcat Pantry is there for you, catering to the unique needs of the CWU community.

Find Us In The CWU Library Room 153

Additional Resources

Grab & Go Locations

Several mini grab-and-go locations exist across:

  • Black Hall: 1st Floor outside of the Diversity & Equit Center. Supplied by the Wildcat Pantry, the DEC, and CWU Dining's Food Revovery program.
  • SURC 236: Supplied by the Wildcat Pantry, the Associated Students of CWU, and CWU Dining's Food Recovery Program.
  • Shaw Smyser Hall: 4th Floor, CAT Center. Supplied by the Wilddcat Pantry and the College of Business.
  • Farrell Hall: 3rd Floor. Supplied by the Wildcat Pantry and the Law & Justice Department.
  • Jerilyn S McIntyre Music Building: 1st Floor, student break room. Supplied by the Wildcat Pantry and the Music Department.
  • Dean Hall: 1st Floor. Supplied by the Wildcat Pantry and the Museum of Culture & Environment.
  • Science One: 1st Floor, outside of the main elevators. Supplied by the Wildcat Pantry and CWU Dining's Food Recovery program.

Additional locations are maintained by the department they reside in and follow Wildcat Pantry guidelines. They remain available  due to the leadershhip and support of faculty and staff in those areas. Please be aware that the main pantry location in Brooks Library provides a larger supply and variety of items to Wildcats on a consistent basis.

CWU Career Services also provides free casual clothes at the pantry and a professional clothing closet at their Boullon Office!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most frequently asked questions, if yours isn't here please feel free to contact us!
  • Who stocks the Pantries?

    The Brooks Library pantry is overseen and restocked daily by the Wildcat Pantry team. Due to both staffing and funding capacity our support to mini grab and go locations has been reduced since opening the main large pantry space in the library. Current grab & go locations are supported primarily due to the leadership and support of faculty and staff in those areas, the Wildcat Pantry supports as our supply allows. CWU Dining’s Food Recovery program stocks all locations with a refrigerator with recovered meals. 

  • Where do the packaged meals come from?

    The Food Recovery program was created by CWU Dining. Every week, meals from Holmes Dining and select Central Marketplace locations are repackaged and distributed to the Wildcat Pantry, the DEC grab & go location, Science 1 grab & go location, and SURC 236.

    Wildcats can volunteer to repackage meals. All you need is a food handlers card! Please visit our Get Involved page for more information.

  • How is the Pantry funded?

    The Wildcat Pantry is funded through physical and monetary donations as well as a quarterly student fee assessed to all CWU-Ellensburg students.

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  • Where else can we go for assistance?

    There are many CWU and community  resources available for students, visit our resource page to learnb more aobut them. 

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Wildcat Pantry

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