President's Office

As the occupant of the President's Office in the ASCWU Student Government at Central Washington University, you are at the helm of student leadership. Your role is not just administrative; it's a symbol of unity, vision, and advocacy for the entire student body. You preside over meetings, set the direction for the student government, and work tirelessly to ensure that the voices of your peers are heard at every level of the university administration. Collaborating with faculty, staff, and outside organizations, you strive to create a campus environment that nurtures growth, inclusivity, and engagement. The weight of your responsibilities is matched only by the potential impact of your decisions. Whether it's shaping policies, championing student rights, or nurturing leadership within the ASCWU, your office is the beacon guiding the way toward a more vibrant and responsive student community.

President: Malik Cantú

Resources of the President

The ASCWU President coordinates with multiple entities on campus to upkeep similar goals and philosophy. The President's responsibilities and duties are to maintain communication with the Dean of Student Success, the Chief Financial Officer, the University President, the Office of the Provost and the Council of Probity, and the ASCWU Student Government advisor. The ASCWU President acts as the liaison and meets with the Central Washington University President. They conduct meetings that are intuitive in creating positive changes at Central Washington University.

Council of Probity

The ASCWU President is responsible for appointing students to serve on the Council of Probity at the beginning of each academic year. The Council of Probity's responsibilities are to oversee the activities of ASCWU. In the instance when there are misconducts, the Council is set to investigate ASCWU and the relevant offices. The duties and responsibilities of the members are stated in Council of Probity Rules Packet (Updated 2018-19) (pdf).

Contact Information

Email or call 509-963-1700

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