Prevention, Advocacy, Training, and Healing (PATH)


CWU is a campus community that is free from interpersonal violence.


The mission of PATH is to educate the campus community and promote active bystander intervention using a public health approach, while supporting and empowering survivors of interpersonal violence to remain academically and personally successful.


PATH provides confidential advocacy for students who have experienced sexual harassment, stalking, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, or sexual assualt. PATH can also provide support to CWU students who are friends, partners, and family members of someone who has experienced violence.

All services are confidential and can be provided in-person or virtually.

Our office uses Microsoft Bookings to schedule appointments. When you open our Bookings Page, you can click the "i" icon for a description of each service to find the best fit for you. For advocacy services, select "PATH Confidential Advocacy Consultation". Once you select the service, the calendar will show you current availabilities. You will have the option of scheduling an in-person or virtual meeting.

To schedule an appointment with a confidential advocate, visit our Bookings Page.

  • Emotional Support

    Seeking emotional support can be very helpful in the healing process. The following resources can help you process your emotions and work through your experience. All of these resources are confidential, meaning you have control over your information. 

    Prevention, Advocacy, Training, and Healing (PATH)

    SURC 256

    (509) 963-3213 

    Provides consulation, emotional support, safety planning, housing and academic accommodations, explanation of reporting options, and connections to both legal and medical services.

    Aspen Victim Advocacy Services

    220 West 4th Avenue Ellensburg, WA 98926

    (509) 925-9384

    Aspen Website

    Provides 24-hour confidential advocacy, support groups, legal and medical advocacy and support, including accompaniment during forensic rape kit exams. Can also connect you to counseling services in the community. 

    *If you are not located in Kittitas County, PATH can help you find or understand local resources specific to your area.

    Student Counseling Services

    Black Hall 225 or Virtual

    (509) 963-1391

    Student Counseling Services Website

    Provides students with confidential individual counseling and crisis appointments.

    TimelyCare - TalkNow Visits from Anywhere

    TimelyCare Website

    TimelyCare provides free medical and mental health services for enrolled students. The "TalkNow" feature connects you with a professional counselor in 5 minutes or less. This service is available 24/7, all year long. Use your MyCWU login information when registering on the TimelyCare website or the TimelyCare app. 

  • Medical Attention

    Seeking medical attention can be critical to assessing your overall health needs and collecting evidence that could be used in legal proceedings. Staff at these facilities are sensitive to your needs and concerns.

    Kittitas Valley Healthcare (KVH) Emergency Room

    603 S. Chestnut Street Ellensburg, WA 98926

    (509) 962-7568

    KVH Emergency Room Website

    Provides healthcare including emergency contraception, treatment for injuries, sexually transimitted infections, and pregnancy. A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) can complete a free forensic rape kit. Aspen advocates are available on-call to accompany students. Open 24 hours.

    *If you are not located in Kittitas County, PATH can help you find or understand local resources specific to your area.

    Student Health Services

    Corner of 11th and Poplar Street - Ellensburg Campus

    (509) 963-1881

    Student Health Services Website

    Provides confidential healthcare including emergency contraception and treatment for injuries and sexually transimitted infections. Open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm (Summer and Holiday hours are subject to change). Call ahead for an appointment.

    Student Health Services also hosts a free Express STI Clinic that is available every Wednesday afternoon from 1-4pm. 

    *If you are not located in Kittitas County, PATH can help you find or understand local resources specific to your area.

  • Reporting Options

    You may choose to report an incident of sexual misconduct. You have options. You may file a complaint with the university and/or file a report with law enforcement.

    Office of Civil Rights Compliance 

    Barge Hall 204

    (509) 963-2050 

    Office of Civil Rights Compliance Website

    The Office of Civil Rights Compliance is responsible for processing and responding to all reports of Sexual Misconduct made to the university. They will work with the Reporting Party and/or Third-Party Reporter to discuss their rights, options, and resources, as well as the formal complaint process, investigative options, supportive measures, and resolution options, if appropriate.

    If you would like to make a report to the Office of Civil Rights Compliance, you can submit a Concern and Support Form (when submitting the form, select "Sexual Misconduct/Title IX" as the Report Type).

    Law Enforcement

    CWU Police Department Website

    1211 N. Wildcat Way - Ellensburg Campus

    911 (Emergency)

    (509) 925-8534 (Non-Emergency)


    Ellensburg Police Department Website

    100 N. Pearl Street Ellensburg, WA 98926

    911 (Emergency)

    (509) 925-8534 (Non-Emergency)


    Takes criminal reports and provides information on protective orders. Reports to law enforcement may lead to criminal charges. 

    *If you are not located in Kittitas County, PATH can help you find or understand local resources specific to your area.

  • Safety Resources
    Safety Planning

    You can meet with a PATH advocate to create a customized plan to support your physical and emotional safety. To schedule an appointment with a PATH advocate, visit our Bookings Page.

    Protection Orders

    A Protection Order is an official court order that can stop someone from contacting or harassing you. For more information, connect with PATH, Aspen, or law enforcement.

    Campus Protective Measures

    Protective measures can be obtained through the Office of Civil Rights Compliance. A student does not need to proceed with an investigation in order to obtain protective measures. To speak with someone about protective measures, contact the Office of Civil Rights Compliance at 509-963-2050 or

    Protective measures can include:

    • Campus No Contact Order
    • Campus Trespass Order 
    • Interim suspension or administrative leave

    Courtesy Assistance Team (CAT)

    (509) 963-2950

    CAT Website

    The Courtesy Assistance Team (CAT) is a peer-to-peer assistance program. CAT members are trained and managed by University Police services. CAT members can accompany students, staff or faculty across campus during late hours. This service is provided daily when school is in session during the evening hours and is free of charge.

    *If you are not located in Kittitas County, PATH can help you find or understand local resources specific to your area.

Title IX

If you would like more information about Central Washington University's Title IX responsibilities, please visit the Civil Rights Compliance Website.

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