Dining Services at Central Washington University serves students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community to offer exceptional service and wholesome food. Dining Services is a part of the Auxiliary Enterprises team, which strives for excellence in offering nationally recognized, inclusive, and sustainable services to the campus community.

CWU's Dining Services is the single largest employer of student employees on campus, single handedly enabling over 300 students to better afford their education. Employment within Dining Services is a fast-paced, fulfilling experience where students learn a great deal about team contribution, time management and customer service. We are proud to be student driven, and to be shaping the minds and work ethic of the next generation.

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Dining Employment Information

Student Employment

Dining Services is CWU's leading employer of student employees. We provide steady, reliable income while working around our student's academic schedules. Through our broad network of restaurants, cafes and markets we touch the lives of literally every body on campus, so come be a part of the largest service provider on campus!
  • Application

    • Dining hires student employees year-round
    • While we take your location preference into account, we hire and schedule students based on their availability.
    • Please ensure that you submit your schedule of availability with your application so the hiring process can be initiated for your application.  We suggest the use of the following form here.

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  • Hiring Process

    • Once your application has been received a member of the hiring team will send your schedule of availability to the general manager of your preferred location/s first for approval. You will receive an email from us that this has taken place.
    • Once your schedule has been approved by the general managers, the hiring team will reach back out to set your orientation date.
    • Once you have set an orientation date, you will receive an email from the hiring team detailing the next steps including initiating your background check through HireRight and your 2-step I9 verification.
    • This email will also include a copy of our Student Employee Handbook and approved I9 Documents

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  • Centralized On-Boarding

    • All new student dining employees attend a centralized orientation/ onboarding session in our Dining Admin Conference Room
    • These sessions are designed to introduce new employees to the fundamentals of working at dining, food service, as well as a review of the student handbook and general student employee policies and procedures that are department-wide.
    • New student employees will receive their uniforms and nametags
    • After completing your centralized orientation session, new students will complete unit-specific on-the-job training. This training occurs in the units, with location training approaches and the training process will vary by location. 

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  • Student Leadership Opportunities

    Dining Services has two internal promotion student leadership opportunities available to students who currently work for Dining. Applications will open once or twice per academic year depending on operational needs.

    • Student Coordinators: Under the direction of the unit supervisors, student managers, and assistant managers, provide leadership to students in concept-specific areas, and assist with student employee training, mentoring, and coaching for food production and customer service student employee positions. Applicants must be an employee of Dining Services for a minimum of two (2) full quarters and have their general manager support to apply.
    • Student Managers: This role requires you to be outgoing, detail-orientated, and comfortable talking to campus guests. Students work as a representative of our department through professional communication, engagement, and presentation. Student Managers will be held to performance and professional standards equal to an assistant manager, with some modification. Applicants must be a Dining Student Coordinator for at least two (2) full quarters and have their general manager support to apply.

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