Unique Menus, Unforgettable Experiences

Walk through the Central Washington University campus and you will feel 1891 Catering's presence everywhere. And smell it. And, hopefully, get a nibble of it.

From light refreshments for an all-hands-on-deck metting, bankquet spreads for charity events, or a breakdfast buffet with unending, rich coffee for our visiting campus partners, 1891 Catering is excited and ready to bring you Unique Menus and Unforgettable Experiences.

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Everywhere Decisions Are Made

If an army marches on its stomach, then so does leadership guide our campus.

Nothing brings together departments or faculties - sometimes entire universities - quite like sharing a meal. To keep meetings, forums, and conferences as pleasant and productive as possible, 1891 Catering provides healthy and refreshing accoutrements, encouraging and improving engagement.

No gathering is outside our scope, from the conversational cocktail plate to a carefully curated toolbox designed to sharpen focus and drive action, topping up caffein and boosting blood sugar - a favorite of our executive leadership team - or even themed awards banquets to celebrate our excellent students and staff.

An administration is only as transparent as they are accessible, and 1891 Catering stands proudly in line with CWU's goals for transparency and inclusivity, and with CWU's leadership in providing accessible and nourishing spaces where everyone on campus can participate in leading us to a better future.

Awards Season Celebrations

1891 Catering provided deliciously light and delicate nourishment for this mid-day Auxiliary Enterprises Awards Ceremony.

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