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College of the Sciences

                 The Sociology Department - Samuelson 201

Support for Our Students

Please keep in mind that we (students, staff, and faculty) all are coping with many challenges and what we all need is some flexibility. Some of us are facing new challenges in caring for children and other family members, and may be facing uncertain employment schedules and mental health strain. Many of us are worried about how these demands will interact with our performance. In connection to this, we need to have better communication with one another. Experiences in the spring have alerted us to our own and others vulnerabilities. We seek assurance of having ways to connect with one another. I believe that we all need to feel cared about, even though we’re at a distance, while also wanting to feel safe.

My hope is that we will all give one another grace, as we are all learning how to deal with a worldwide disruption greater than any of us have experienced in our lifetimes. We want to express our desire to provide a high-quality and meaningful educational experience to keep students engaged and moving forward. But I also want you all to know that I care about you and your well-being. Let’s keep the lines of communication open! Resource Link   and Diversity Statement Link

Sociology Department Chairperson   

Pamela McMullin-Messier

Samuelson, Room 201

Main office: 509-963-1305  


For A Leave of Absence: To Defer Taking Classes Until Spring 2021

Students who do not enroll for consecutive academic quarters (exclusive of summer) must reapply for admission. However, if students meet the criteria below, they may be granted a leave of absence, which means that they do not have to reapply for the following quarter and that they may preregister for classes as continuing students:

  1. The Application for Leave of Absence must be submitted to the Registrar's Office on or before the last day of the quarter (including summer) prior to the quarter for which the student is seeking leave.
  2. Leaves will be approved if attending consecutive quarters would present an exceptional hardship or loss of opportunity.
  3. Students seeking leave for more than one quarter must apply each quarter for the following quarter.
  4. Leave of Absence request form Click for PDF form

Student Internship Information is located on the Career Services webpage

All internships for credit are now being processed through an electronic application for all colleges.  Paper learning agreements are no longer accepted.  Please see this web page for further information and instructions.  This page includes special instructions for on site internships during COVID-19.  

If you have questions, please email Career Services at or call 509.963.1921 

To complete the Cooperative Education Internship document go to your student MyCWU; go to the application section and click on Wildcat Career Network


To Declare a Major or Minor in sociology, social services or ethnic studies complete the electronic request form (click to be redirected to link)
To Withdraw from the Major or Minor: To that a sociology department major or minor be removed from your academic plan complete the electronic form (click here to be redirected)
SWEET CASES - Fostering Care for those in Foster Care
The Department of Sociology provides opportunities for students to understand the conceptual and methodological tools used by sociologists to understand society.
The sociology department offers the following courses each quarter to our Sociology and Social Services Majors(some quarters these courses may be online only or on the Ellensburg campus only):Soc 300 Introduction to the Major; Soc 107 Principles of Sociology; Soc 350 Social Theory I; Soc 363 Methods of Social Research;Soc 364 Data Analysis in Sociology; Soc 489 Senior Seminar.  Soc 101 Social Problems is also offered every quarter and open to all students regardless of major or minor.

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