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                 The Sociology Department - Samuelson 201

     The Department of Sociology at Central Washington University is committed to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus, community, and society. We are also committed to promoting conversations about the challenges faced by our society. A sociological lens affords us the opportunity to understand the latest incidents of police who have killed George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others. Racist violence at the hands of police forces has a long history in America (1). Today unarmed black people are nearly four times more likely than unarmed white people to be killed by police (2). Native American people and Latinx people are also significantly more likely to be killed by the police (3). This is not just the result of a few outliers in the justice system. As University of Maryland sociology professor, Rashawn Ray, writes “bad apples come from rotten trees—law enforcement agencies imbued with structural racism” (4). Racism is sewn into the fabric of society, shaping American institutions including the criminal justice system, healthcare, and education (5). To say “Black lives matter” is to understand and to challenge the legacy of white supremacy in this country (6).

     We write in support of our Black and other racialized students, faculty, and staff who face challenges of racism that white students, faculty, and staff do not face. We support the rights of peaceful protesters in cities across the country, including here in Ellensburg and Washington, who demand justice, accountability, and change. We encourage our elected leaders at all levels to listen seriously to these voices and enact meaningful, evidence-based changes in our justice system.

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Pamela McMullin-Messier

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Pamela McMullin-Messier      

Samuleson, Room 201

Main office: 509-963-1305

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To Declare a Major or Minor in sociology, social services or ethnic studies complete the electronic request form (click to be redirected to link)
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SWEET CASES - Fostering Care for those in Foster Care
The Department of Sociology provides opportunities for students to understand the conceptual and methodological tools used by sociologists to understand society.
The sociology department offers the following courses each quarter to our Sociology and Social Services Majors(some quarters these courses may be online only or on the Ellensburg campus only):Soc 300 Introduction to the Major; Soc 107 Principles of Sociology; Soc 350 Social Theory I; Soc 363 Methods of Social Research;Soc 364 Data Analysis in Sociology; Soc 489 Senior Seminar.  Soc 101 Social Problems is also offered every quarter and open to all students regardless of major or minor.

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