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The Department of Sociology provides opportunities for students to understand the conceptual and methodological tools used by sociologists to understand society.

Department Chairperson:
Dr. Eric Cheney
Samuelson, Room 201 MS 7545
509-963-1305 main office

The Sociology Department has moved!

New location is Samuleson office 201, stop by and say hi.


Join the Sociology Conversation at: Speak for Sociology


CWU SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT     Sociology Diversity Statement
Students will be encouraged to:
  • see society as concrete day-to-day behavior of human beings;
  • grasp the relationship between history, society and the individual's life;
  • realize that social patterns are tools for the accomplishment of human ends and not necessarily unalterable facts of life; and
  • develop the ability to critically analyze social phenomena.
    • 2018 Fall- Tentative Schedule
    • Internship Information click here
      • Credits are determined by using a minimum of 40 hours of approved field experience for each credit hour you want to earn.  Clock hours may include time spent to complete the work phase and the academic phase (term paper/project, journal or log, progress reports, assigned readings, final report etc.) of the field experience.
      • Credits for your Co-operative Ed Internship will be registered for the quarter in which the majority of hours for the experience were acquired.  We cannot go back and give credit for past experiences.
      • If doing multiple quarters of internship, a new learning agreement must be submitted for each quarter with additional or enhanced objectives and activities.
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Sociology/Social Services Majors Honors Program

Alpha Delta Kappa International Honor Society - Contact Dr. Judy Hennessy for application (3.3 GPA or above in sociology courses) for sociology and social service majors and minors

Sociology Club - Please contact Drs. or for more information

Sweet Cases - A Social Services/Sociology Project


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