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Primate Behavior and Ecology
Dr. Jessica Mayhew, Director

Ms. Penelope Anderson, Secretary Senior

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What is Primatology?

Primatology is the study of the behavior, biology, evolution, and taxonomy of nonhuman primates. Primatologists are united by a common interest in study subjects, but not necessarily by uniformity in academic training. Strong intellectual traditions in primatology emerged after World War II in the US and Canada, Western Europe, and Japan. In the US, primatologists are usually trained as psychologists, anthropologists, or, less often, biologists or zoologists. Training affects the research questions asked, the research setting, and, to some extent, possible career paths. Practicing primatologists benefit from skills acquired in advanced training in anthropology, biology, psychology, and philosophy. Primatologists work in a variety of settings including universities, primate research centers, laboratories, sanctuaries, and zoos. Famous primatologists include Jane Goodall, Birute Galdikas, Dian Fossey, and Frans de Waal.

For further information on primatology from other sources, visit our Primatology Links page.

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