Research Associates

Biruté Mary Galdikas, Ph.D. 
Senior Research Associate

Dr. Birute with an orangutan

Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas has studied the orangutans of Indonesian Borneo for more than 30 years and is today the world's leading authority on this Asian ape. Dr. Galdikas is Professor Extraordinaire at the Universitas Nasional in Jakarta and Full Professor of Anthropology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. She is the author of dozens of scientific articles on orangutan biology, evolution and behavior, and she has also written numerous books of interest to the general public, including Reflections of Eden. Dr. Galdikas is the President of Orangutan Foundation International, a non-profit organization devoted to the conservation of orangutans.


Dong-po Xia, Ph.D. 
Research Associate

Dr. Xia

Dr. Dongpo Xia is an associate professor at Anhui University School of Life Sciences. His research interests include primate behavior and ecology, conservation and public education, the influence of conservation methodologies on nonhuman primate behavior, and the reproductive physiology of free-ranging primates. Dr. Xia has served as a conservation educator at the Huangshan National Reserve in Anhui Province, China since 2004. His field research at the site has yielded numerous publications on Tibetan macaques.


Susan M. Cheyne, Ph.D. 

Research Associate

Picture of Dr. Cheyne

Dr. Susan Cheyne has studied the gibbons of South-East Asia for the last 15 years and carried out her Ph.D. research on the rehabilitation and reintroduction of gibbons from the pet trade. Since 2005, she has carried out continuous long-term research into the wild gibbons of the peat-swamp forests of Indonesian Borneo. Dr. Cheyne is co-director of the Borneo Nature Foundation and initiated the Gibbon Behaviour, Feeding Ecology and Socioecology Project and the Felid Project in the Sabangau forest catchment, which has confirmed the area as a vital habitat for felids as well as gibbons. She is a post-doctoral researcher with the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Oxford University and an associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.


Mr. Yong Zhu, Ph.D. Candidate 
Research Associate

Picture of Dr. Zhu

Mr. Yong Zhu is a Ph.D. student in Behavioral and Molecular Ecology, School of Life Science, Hefei, Anhui University. He has studied free-living Tibetan macaques in Huangshan, China since 2007 and is currently completing a study of disease transmission between humans and macaques.

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