Welcome to the Learning Commons!

CWU's Learning Commons welcomes all students to engage in academic excellence. Students who wish to succeed in the classroom are invited to work with us to develop skills and habits that accelerate learning and deepen understanding of course content. Our peer-to-peer collaboration model makes us one of the most popular spots to visit on CWU's campus. Students who use our services have, on average, much higher success rates in their courses.

We offer many services that will meet your needs wherever you are at, from writing or math tutoring to academic coaching to study groups (PALs). All CWU students also have access to eTutoring through the Northwest eConsortium. Come visit early and often for success!

The Learning Commons will be holding in person and virtual writing and math tutoring sessions! Appointments will be available starting September 27, 2021. All tutoring services are available to all CWU students at all centers and in all programs. To make an appointment or ask any questions, please email

Center Hours for Fall 2021

Math and Writing Hours:

  • 10am-9pm, Monday- Thursday
  • 10am-4pm Friday
  • 2pm-7pm Sunday

PALs Schedule Posted online Quarterly

Online Tutoring: 5am- Midnight, 7 days a week

How to Schedule Your Own Appointment

The Learning Commons will be using a new system Fall 2021. Click on the link to navigate Retain! >>>

  • Fall 2021 FAQs

    We have compiled a list of questions students have about tutoring for Fall 2021. Please see our full list of questions and answers.

  • Location, Hours, and Contact

    The Learning Commons is located in Brooks Library. You can check-in with us at the Learning Commons by emailing

    Our administrative staff remains available during normally scheduled hours and will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. Tutoring hours vary depending on the service. Please click on an individual center for each center's schedule.

    Questions? Email

  • Mission & Vision

    Mission: The Learning Commons empowers students to pursue academic excellence.

    Vision: The Learning Commons will support all Wildcats in achieving academic success through access, inclusivity, and engaged learning.

  • Services

    The Learning Commons provides both tutoring and accelerative support. Services are free and open to all CWU students.

    University Math Center: For any kind of math for any class

    University Writing Center: For any kind of writing for any class

    PALs (Peer Assisted Learning) Groups: For historically challenging courses

    Academic Coaching: For strategic learning and personal academics management

    eTutoring: For assistance in individual subject areas (see the list)

  • Values


    We place a high value on learning. We do this by promoting growth mindset and helping others apply growth mindset to learning content and study skills that will aid them in achieving their goals.


    We welcome all students and strive to create a sense of belonging through our peer-to-peer programming. Students seeking help should expect to find us open, caring, and non-judgmental.


    We serve to support the mission of CWU. To do so, we act with integrity at all times. We are honest and hold high standards of moral behavior. Our actions are consistent with our words. We hold a strong work ethic, which means not doing the bare minimum, but fully engaging in our work in the service of others. We are diligent and focused, always committed to acting in the best interests of our students, our program, and our university.


    We show our dedication to students through service, passion, practice, and responsibility.


    We show respect to others by being honest, competent, cooperative, and forward-thinking. We recognize that all humans deserve to be looked at through a referential lens.