Peer Assisted Learning

Welcome to Peer-Assisted Learning (PALs)!

No need to schedule an appointment! Just drop in and attend a group session listed below. Have a question? Call 509-963-1270 or email us at

PALs Tutoring Groups are learning communities, focused on a specific course and section, where students practice positive study habits, learn new study skills/strategies, get to know their classmates, and strengthen their understanding of class content. PALs groups meet weekly, led by a trained Group Facilitator.

Facilitators are CWU students who have successfully completed the course with a 3.3 or higher. PALs sessions will include an overview of key concepts for that week, problem-based group activities and practice problems, test preparation, and study skills/strategies.

PALs sessions typically start the second week of classes and will be in-person and/or online through Zoom.

Faculty, would you like to request to have PALs support for your courses? Fill out the Peer Assisted Learning Request form.

Please check each individual subject for specifics on current PALs locations, dates, and times. 

Spring Quarter Hours

  • Business and Economics

    BUS 102, BUS 221, ECON 130, ECON 201, ECON 202, and MIS 320:

    In the CAT Center, in the Shaw-Smyser building 

    Finals Hours

    Monday, June 3rd 2:30-5PM


  • Finance and Accounting

    ACCT 251 & 252: in the Accounting Room, in the Shaw-Smyser building, 

    Finals Hours:

    Tuesday June 4 12-2PM

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry: in the Learning Commons, in Brooks Library:


    Monday 2-4PM

    • Classes 
      • Anthony Diaz 183
      • Tony Brown 182 
      • Yingbin Ge 182

    Tuesday 2-4pm

    • Classes 
      • Anthony Diaz 183
      • Yingbin Ge 182

    Wednesday 10:00AM-12:00PM & 2-4PM

    • Classes 
      • Timothy Beng 183
      • Brittany Holmes 111 
  • Math

    No finals week hours scheduled.

  • Psychology

    PSY 362

    In the Learning Commons, in Brooks Library: and on Zoom:

    Finals Hours:

    Tuesday, June 4, 10:00am-1pm

    zoom link:

  • World Languages

    Japanese PALs, 1st and 2nd year: In the Learning Commons, in Brooks Library:

    No finals week hours scheduled.

    PALs: In the Learning Commons, in Brooks Library. And on Zoom:

    • Finals Hours:
      • Tuesday/Thursday 3pm-4pm
      • Friday 1pm-2pm
  • English

    ENG 320: 

    On Zoom:

    • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
      • 5:30-7PM
  • Physics
    No finals week hours scheduled.


  • Music

    No finals week hours scheduled.

  • Nutrition

    No finals week hours scheduled.



Please note that the schedule is populated during the first week of classes so we can survey students about the best possible meeting times. The schedule will update as we finalize times, and they will typically be complete prior to the second week of classes each quarter. While most PALS sessions are in-person, some subjects may be online only or have an online option.


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