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About CWU Campus Apartments

Housing and Residence Life at Central Washington University provides on-campus housing for almost 4,000 students. For our current sophomore and above and transfer students, we are happy to offer apartment living options. Our team works to help provide students the opportunity to get to know your neighbors and yourself in fun, exciting and sometimes challenging ways.

Housing and Residence Life currently maintains studios, one, two, and three bedroom apartments. Apartment rates include: water, heat, electricity, sewer and refuse services. The University provides high-speed internet for all complexes, except for Brooklane and Wahle, which has DSL/Wi-Fi.

Each of the apartment complexes on campus are staffed with one or two apartment managers who are there to assist you. Apartment managers work with you during your check-in and check-out process. They are also there to provide social and educational programming for tenants and to assist with handling other needs, such as facilitating maintenance support or helping with lock out situations. Each apartment manager has designated office hours posted on their door to address all your inquiries.

For information about apartments and vacancies, please contact Housing Services at (509) 963-1831 or

CWU Campus Apartment Eligibility

Students must be a student maintaining at least seven credit hours of course work per quarter (unless an exception is approved), to be eligible for a university-owned apartment at CWU. University-owned apartments are available for occupancy to students with families, married students (must provide copy of marriage certificate), single students, students who are at least 20 years of age or older, and who have completed at least 45 college credits (post high school).

Students requesting to live in an on-campus apartment must complete the apartment application on their MyHousing page and submit a $200 apartment deposit.

Placement of applicants into apartments is based on the following criteria: application date, desired move-in date, apartment size, type, and location.

  • The application completion date is the date you completed the entire online application.
  • The desired move-in date is the date the student wishes to take occupancy of the apartment.
  • The third variable is the apartment size, type and location (ex: Student Village, 2 bedroom).
  • Frequently there are more requests than apartments available. Students may add themselves to the "wait list" and are assigned in order of application date and desired move-in date.

Apartment Application Process

When a student inquires as to his/her placement on the wait list, keep in mind that we will be sorting the list according to the criteria above. The more information we receive from a student on the apartment application and the more flexible the student is with move-in dates, apartment type and locations, the better chance a student has to get an apartment.

When an apartment becomes available, Housing Services will email your CWU student email account.

Apartment Search

Use the Apartment Search Tool to decide which complex and apartment type is right for you.

Housing Facilities

Need Maintenance Help? Contact Facilities for assistance via phone at 509-963-3000 or complete a work order.

Faculty & Staff Housing

CWU is proud to offer housing options for faculty and staff who are transitioning to the Ellensburg area. For more information, please visit our Faculty and Staff Housing information page.