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Exciting news for the Computer Science Department:

Computer Science Teaching Endorsement Starting Fall 2018
Starting in the fall, Central Washington University will become the first university in Washington State offering its students a computer science teaching endorsement.

To read more about the CS teaching endorsement, click here.

computer science razvan andonie

Powerful Supercomputing Cluster Now Operational at CWU
Computer Science Professor Razvan Andonie (left) looks at Turing, a powerful supercomputing cluster housed at CWU.

To read more about the supercomputing cluster, click here.


Land your dream job with a computer science degree from CWU.

Our robust program, just two hours east of Seattle, prepares students for some of the hottest careers in the country. Computer science grads land internships and jobs with leading companies like Microsoft, Boeing, Facebook, and Amazon.

Work with our specialized faculty in state-of-the art facilities to master:

  • software engineering
  • computational science         
  • robotics
  • data visualization
  • cybersecurity
  • computer vision
  • machine learning
  • big data analytics
  • data mining

The Computer Science Department’s mission is to prepare students for living in and helping build a society increasingly affected by information technology.  From basic technological literacy to the development of problem-solving skills, the General Education program will prepare students to understand the ethical and social impact of computing on society and the use of computing technology as they contribute to the modern world.

Through experience, knowledge, and skills ranging from basic theory through experimental techniques to engineering methodology, the Computer Science degree programs will prepare students to be productive citizens who contribute in many ways to the information society that forms the backbone of much of the industry and business in the state of Washington.

Computer Science faculty and students working in partnership with each other and with interdisciplinary colleagues will help address significant local, regional, and national problems through the use of this flexible, robust discipline.

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