Yearlong Exploration of Social Sciences Program (YESS)

You embark on a yearlong exploration of the social sciences program, an intellectual journey that promises to challenge and expand your understanding of human society. As you delve into the diverse subjects like sociology, anthropology, psychology, and economics, the interconnection between individual human behavior and collective patterns becomes more evident. Engaging with professors, participating in thought-provoking seminars, and conducting real-world research, you find yourself not only analyzing but feeling the heartbeat of various cultures and communities. Over time, theories and concepts translate into a greater awareness of the world around you, and you begin to see your own place within it. The year culminates in a capstone project where you synthesize your learnings, reflecting your growth and newfound perspective. It's a transformative experience that shapes not only your academic pursuits but also your view on humanity's complexities and intricacies.

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The Yearlong Exploration of Social Sciences Program (YESS) is for students interested in exploring or majoring in a social science discipline at Central Washington University. This program is designed to foster excitement for social science discovery. As a student in YESS, you will explore some of the most important social issues facing our region and country today – issues involving race and ethnicity, the environment and development, identity, and politics. YESS consists of an integrated sequence of classes, enrichment activities in service learning, and student research opportunities. Students gain hands-on experience in contemporary social science research methods, explore theme-based interdisciplinary social scientific topics, and develop mentoring relationships with CWU social science faculty. As a student in YESS, you will participate in a three-quarter-long sequence of courses (YESS 101, YESS 102, and YESS 103). Completion of YESS 101 and YESS 102 satisfies two general education knowledge area requirements, and students who complete all three courses are also eligible for a $1000 tuition waiver.

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  • Specifically designed social science courses for the YESS cohort
  • Academic support and advising
  • Service Learning - Community Engagement
  • Faculty-mentored research experiences in the social sciences
  • Career exploration and development

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YESS-Social Science Majors Supported:

  • Anthropology and Museum Studies
  • Geography
  • Interdisciplinary Studies - Social Sciences
  • Law and Justice
  • Political Science
  • Primate Behavior and Ecology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

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Yearlong Exploration in the Social Sciences Program

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