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YESS can enrich and supercharge your CWU experience. The YESS program features several ways of getting the most from your time as a Wildcat:

1. Small classes

Seminar-style courses in YESS encourage critical thinking, collaborative learning, and engagement with the most vital social issues of our day.

2. Cohort-building

You will take your YESS courses and potentially Gen Ed courses outside of YESS with the same group of peers throughout the year. The YESS program also includes fun extracurricular events. Through your shared experiences, you will come to know the members of your cohort well. Previous YESS students have identified their cohort as one of the most valuable aspects of the program.

3. Community-based learning

You will have opportunities to get out of the classroom, off campus, and into local communities. You will learn about social issues on the ground from those who are working to improve the Kittitas Valley and Washington.

4. Undergraduate research & creative expression

Through YESS, you will be able to work on a substantial research project or other form of creative expression. For students who are interested, the YESS program will help connect you to potential faculty mentors with whom you might share research or creative interests.

5. Service-learning and internships

For students who are interested, the YESS program will help connect you to opportunities for service learning and internships. Service learning means giving back to the community while earning college credit. Similarly, internships (which may be paid) allow you to earn college credit while working for a company, agency, or organization.

Tuition Waivers

Each student who completes the YESS sequence (YESS 101, YESS 102, and YESS 103) is eligible for a $1000 tuition waiver. The waiver, which can be applied to reduce future tuition payments, is available to students with unmet financial needs.

Academic and Social Support

YESS Class of Students
YESS students have the support of YESS faculty, staff, and other YESS students. Students meet quarterly with the YESS Program Coordinator to assess their progress and receive referrals to a variety of on-campus academic and social services. There are opportunities for YESS students to pursue tutoring in the various social science disciplines offered at CWU. YESS students are able to get personalized help with homework, projects, and studying.

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