Thesis Titles

Listed here in reverse chronological order by year are the thesis titles for all students who have graduated with a master's degree in Cultural and Environmental Resource Management from Central Washington University . Following each title is the library call number for those titles that have been catalogued and shelved in the stacks, followed in turn by the student's thesis chair noted in parentheses.


Porter Burns. An Assessment of "Long-Thin" Airline Routes: Network Structure and Emissions Implications for Environmental Policy (Bowen)

Ryan Espedal. The Impact of Subjective Risk Analysis on Real Estate Prices in the Nisqually Region Following the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake (Sipic)

Ryan Hampton. Windblown Snow Bedforms and Their Effects on Snow Water Content, Wenatchee Range, Washington (Lillquist)

Steven Spencer. Faunal Analysis of a Sample Unit at the Grissom Site, 45KT301, Central Washington (Lubinski)


Chester, Luciana R. Hanford Nuclear Site Cultural Resource GIS Analysis: A Case Study Investigating Pre-Contact Travel Networks and Site and Artifact Locations (Hackenberger)

Condon, Daphne. A Contentious Crop: Exploring the Regulatory Debate of Solar Power Production Facilities in Kittitas County, Washington (Pease)

Galloway, Mars. Investigating the Archaeological Record Using a High-Resolution GIS Land Use Model in the East Saddle Mountains, Grant County, Washington (McCutcheon)

Gans, Mara. Wilderness and the Geotag: Exploring the Claim that "Geotagging Ruins Nature" in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA (Lipton)

Vroman, Kylie. Characterizing and Predicting Beaver Pond Habitat in Kittitas County, Washington (Arango)


Allen, Zachary C. Raw Material Usage and Stone Tool Manufacture in the Elwha River Valley (McCutcheon)

Coffey, Jessica Abadie. Rock Glacier Hydrological Significance in a Warming World: A Geoecological Transect in the North Cascades, Washington (Lillquist)

Davis, David R. Evaluating the Analytical Contribution of 1/8-Inch (0.32 Centimeter) Lithic Debitage at the Sunrise Ridge Borrow Pit Site (45PI408) (McCutcheon)

Harrison, Brynn. A Regional Synthesis of Post-Glacial Fire History in the Eastern Cascades, Washington, Using Macroscopic Charcoal Analysis (Walsh)

Loewen, Rob.Transitioning to Legalization of Cannabis in Washington State: Regulations’ Impacts on Commodification, Metabolism, & Labor Practices (Amason)

Risner, Carson Joseph. Quantifying the Impact of Remapping Floodplains on Residential Property Values in Snohomish County, Washington: A Hedonic Approach (Wassell)

Triplett, Mallory M. An Analysis of Tachylyte and Other Volcanic Glasses in Washington Archaeology (Lubinski)

Valko, Caleb Michael. Evaluating the Spatial Trends and Statistical Determinants of Residential Solar Uptake in Washington State (Hickey)


Allen, Joshua (Fall). Lithic Technological and Function Variability Between Hinterland and Riverine Environments in the Mid-Columbia River Basin (McCutcheon)

Anderson, Jackey. Tekison Cave: A Case Study in Archaeological Collection Rehabilitation and Accessibility (Amason/Lubinski) \\Dale and Mary Jo Comstock Distinguished Thesis Award\\

Fruge, Adam. Sampling the Local Fare: Fishes at the Sam Israel House Pit (45GR76), Soap Lake, Washington (Lubinski)

Hibdon, Sarah Rain. Investigating the Spatial and Statistical Dimensions of Mortuary Choice in the Historical-Period Old City Cemetery in Roslyn, Washington (Quinn)

Horner, Michael H. Modeling Cle Elum Reservoir Shoreline Erosion: GIS Analysis to Support Cultural and Environmental Resource Management, Yakima Basin, Washington (Lillquist)

Hughes, Mackenzie. Recovering Lost Information From Avocational Projectile Point Collections (McCutcheon)

Humphries,Tyler. The Economic Impact of Forest Harvest Practices on Washington State Park Visitation (Sipic)

Kaeding, Liliana. A Resource Management Analysis of Olympia and Pacific Oysters in Puget Sound (Renteria-Valencia)

Kunas, Julia. A Functional Analysis of Recorded Pre-Contact Archaeological Sites on Lopez Island, Washington (McCutcheon)

Moody, Amanda. Comparing Rusle LS Calculation Methods across Varying DEM Resolutions (Hickey)

Morrison, Shaun. Distribution of Invasive Plant Species on Debris Cones at Mount Rainier National Park (Lipton)

Schulz, Lindsay. Evaluation of the Relationship Between Land Use and Water Quality in Kittitas County, WA (Arango)

Urbanski, Seth. The Economic Impacts of Soil Remediation Efforts at Lead Arsenate Contaminated Sites in Yakima County: A Hedonic Approach (Sipic)


Bommarito, Savannah (Spring). Identifying the effects of land use change and policy on disturbance regimes in the Teanaway Community forest, Washington (Lipton/Walsh)

Ferri, Serafina (Winter). Post-Glacial Human-Environmental Interactions in the Teanaway Area of the Central Eastern Cascades, WA (Walsh)

Fitzpatrick, Justin (Winter). Faunal Analysis from 1973 Excavations at the Mesa 12 Archaeological Site (45GR144) Grant County, WA (Lubinski)

Henderson, Joshua (Winter). Measuring Trace Element Concentrations in Artiodactyls Caonnonbones Using Portable X-Ray Flourescence (Lubinski)

Koefed, Cassandra (Spring). Estimating the Economic value of Rock Climbing in Smith Rock, OR., An Individual Travel Cost Approach (Sipic)

Liljegren, Jaime (Summer). Suction dredge mining impacts on Pacific lamprey populations and habitat in Washington State: A Study of the Entiat River (Gabriel)

Macinko, Beth (Spring). Integrating multiple trail use assessments to inform the management of an urban trail system: a case study in Wenatchee, Washington (Lipton)

McNorvell, Paige (Fall). Variations in Indigenous Perceptions of Coal Along the Coal Supply Chain in the Powder River Basin and Lower Columbia River Basin - Society & Natural Resources (Delgado)

Morris, Jessica (Fall). Rock Imagery in the Cultural Landscape: A locational analysis of Cultural and Natural features within the Yakima Uplands (Hackenberger)

Rushton, Zoe (Spring). Holocene fire reconstruction of a mid-elevation mixed conifer forest in the eastern Cascades, Washington (Walsh)

White, Christina (Spring). Determinants of Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption in One Tribal Community (Sipic)


Dyson, Alexis (Spring). Variability in the Debitage of the Early Holocene Lithic Assemblages of the Sanders (45KT315) Site. (McCutcheon)

Hammersberg, Barbara (Spring). Embodying the Hyphen: An Ethnopgraphic study on Korean Adoptees (Amason)

Haydon, Kevin (Spring). Holocene fire, vegetation and environmental change in the Sinlahekin Wildlife area, Okanogan County, Washington (Walsh)

Jakien, Roman S. (Winter) Rock Features of the Upper Klamath Basin: An Integrated Approach to Identification. (Lubinski)

Johnson, Matthew (Summer). A Zooarchaeological Analysis of Hole-in-the-Wall Canyon (45KT12) and French Rapids (45KT13) Sites, Ginkgo State park, Washington (Lubinski)

Kugel, Scott (Spring). Abandoned Mine Land Impacts on Water and Sediments in the Upper Yakima River Watershed, Ea. Cascade Mts, WA (Lillquist)

Morton, Cristopher (Fall). Evaluating Floodplain Restoration Efforts on the Yakima River, WA, USA (Gabriel)

Oliver, Noah (Summer). Geomorphic Consequences of Energy and Transportation Development Near Celilo Falls, Lower mid-Columbia River, Washington (Lillquist)

Pilkington, Dusty (Fall). Two Holocene Fire Records at the wildland urban interface, Northeastern Cascades, Washington (Walsh)

Pfeifer, Samuel (Spring). Residential solar uptake in WA State (Bowen)

Pratt, Sarah (Spring). Economic impact of the 2014 Oso Landslide: A Hedonic Approach (Sipic)

Riffle, Adam (Spring). Rock glaciers in the Eastern Cascades, Washington: internal composition and implications for ice volume and water equivalence (Lillquist)

Snyder, Patricia (Fall). Water Demand, Adaptive Capacity, and Drought: An Analysis of the Upper Klamath Basin, Oregon and California (Gabriel)

Stcherbinine, Sean (Winter). The Origin of Dark Mats at the Sunrise Ridge Borrow Pit Site (45PI408) Mount Rainier National Park, Washington. (McCutcheon)

Szypulski, E. Jhanek (Fall). Ecological Effecs of Overwater Sturctures on Subtidal kelp, northern Puget Sound, WA. (Gabriel)


Bass, Kayley (Summer). The Hidden History of Western Washington Logging Camps: St. Paul and Tacoma Lumber Company’s Camp #5 Ca. 1934-1947. (Lubinski)

Breidenthal, Matt (Spring). Data Potential of Archaeological Deposits at the Chelan Station Site (45CH782/783). (Hackenberger)

Davis, John (Winter). Forager and Collector Strategies in the Yakima Uplands: An Analysis of Archaeological Assemblages from Testing Projects on the US Army Yakima Training Center, WA. (Hackenberger)

Gibbs, Kelsey (Spring). Monitoring PM2.5 Reduction Efforts in Ellensburg, WA Using Community Social Marketing to Examine Behavioral Change. (McMullin-Messier)

Holstine, Robert (Summer). Vertebrate Faunal Analysis of the Anderson Creek Site (45KP233) Kitsap County, Washington. (Lubinski)

Javier, Kaleb (Spring). Economic Impacts of Forest Timber Methods in Washington State: A Hedonic Approach. (Sipic and Wassell)

Limberg, Caitlin (Spring). Upland Land Use and Intersite Lithic Assemblage Variation Across Two Rockshelter and Three Open-Air Archaeological Sites in Mount Rainier National Park. (McCutcheon)

Lowry, Chris (Fall). Cladistic Analysis of Faunal Assemblages Across Ainu and pre-Ainu Sites in Central Hokkaido. (Hackenberger/Terry)

Martin, Jessie (Fall). Get the Lead Out: A Hedonic Housing Price Analysis of Solid Contamination and Remediation in Washington State. (Sipic)

Middleton, Sherri (Spring). Comparing a Surface Collection to an Excavated Collection in the Lower Skagit River Delta at 45SK51. (McCutcheon)

Stoothoff, Todd (Spring). The Economic Impact of Cougars in Western Washington. (Sipic and/Wassell)

Straniti, Brian (Fall). Fracked Perceptions: Changes in Perception Regarding Hydraulic Fracturing Among Residents of Dimock, PA. (Delgado)

Zucchetto, Janessa (Winter). Why Now? A Case Study of Split Estate and Fracking Activity in Garfield County, Colorado. (Delgado)


Anderson, Cathy J. (Spring). Land Use Variation on Mid-Columbia Plateau Upland and Lowland Archaeology Sites. (McCutcheon)

Brown, James (Spring). Alternatives to Charcoal for Improving Chronometric Dating of Puget Sound Archaeological Sites. (Hackenberger/McCutcheon)

Chinchen, Jody (Spring). Hiker Trash and Trail Dogs: An Ethnographic Inquiry Into Human Nature in the Trail Space. (Amason)

Cox, Tamara (Summer). The Role of Fire in Montane Forest Environments in the Willamette National Forest, Oregon. (Walsh)

Crosby, Nicolas (Fall). In Search of Heterotopia: Immersive Experiences in the Museum. (Auslander/Amason)

Hale, Thomas (Winter). Species Identification of the Stylohyoid Bone for North American Artiodactyls. (Lubinski)

McDermott, Wendy (Winter). The Life Cycle of Dams: An Analysis of Policy Change on the Rogue River, Oregon. (Pease/Revels)

Saunders, Anthony (Spring). An Economic Approach to Modeling Archaeological Settlement Patterns in Central Idah. (Hackenberger/Bowen)

Steele, Rozsika (Winter). Defining Biodiversity: A Local Assessment of the Tahuayo River, Peru Using Self-Directed Photography. (Lipton) \\Dale and Mary Jo Comstock Distinguished Thesis Award\\

Steinkraus, Mark (Spring). Mapping and Radiocarbon Dating Archaic Period Monuments: La Alberca Structure Complex, Highland Michoacán, Mexico. (Hackenberger)

Tarver, Ryan (Summer). Sustainable Safari Practices: Proximity to Wildlife, Educational Intervention and the Quality of Experience. (Klyve)

Towner, Terri (Fall). Everyday Farm Life in the Moxee Valley 1915-1950: Historical Ethnography. (Barlow)


Adolphson, Scott (Winter). Influence of Salwater Intrusion, Climate, and Population Changes on the Groundwater Supply of San Juan Island. (Gabriel)

Aymond, Ayla (Fall). A Zooarchaeological Analysis of the Monashka Bay Site (KOD-026) Kodiak Island, Alaska. (Lubinski)

Blair, Logan (Spring). The Economic Impacts of Forest Pathogens in Washington State: a Hedonic Approach. (Wassell/Sipic)

Brown, Genevieve (Spring). Using Particle Size Analysis to Separate the Deposition of a Bonebed and Artifact at the Wenas Creek Mammoth Site. (Lubinski)

Drozdowski, Jarod (Winter). Mesoamerican Sacred Geography and Archaeological Landscapes: A Case Study in the Volcanic Highlands of Michoacan, Mexico. (Hackenberger)

Garrison, Patrick (Spring). Organization of Technology at the Sanders Site (45KT315): Analysis of Formed Tools from the Yakima Uplands, WA. (Hackenberger)

Giblin, Jessica (Winter). Identifying Critical Indicators of Trail Conditions in High-Use Recreational Areas of the Roslyn Urban Forest. (Pease/Lipton)

Harrison, Isa (Fall). Elk and Deer Hunters in Washington State: Affiliations and Ethical Behavior. (Wirth)

Maquire, Conor (Spring). Understanding Vulnerability in Alaska Fishing Communities: A Validation Methodology for Rapid Assessment of Well-Being Indices. (Hackenberger)

Moose, Chris (Spring). Rediscovering an Upland Site: The Manastash Pines (45KT346) Kittitas County, Washington. (Lubinski)

Morse, Nate (Winter). Interpretation of Shell δ18O and δ13C from Two Hells Canyon Study Sites: A Methods Approach to Analysis. (Lubinski/Hackenberger)

Mowery, Kara (Spring). Renewing Spokane: A Study of Motivating Forces Behind Downtown Revitalization Projects. (Novak)

Oosahwee-Voss, Sarah (Spring). My Family, My Identity: An Ethnohistorical Exploration of a Multiethnic Family. (Barlow)

Porter, Laurie (Summer). Behavioral Response of Pacific Lamprey (Entosphenus tridentatus) to Predator Odors (Wagner)

Sheldon, David (Spring). Determination of Site Functionality and Subsistence Patterns at the Bray Archaeological Site (45PI1276) in Edgewood, Washington. (Hackenberger)

Wachholder, Thomas (Fall). Applying Wetland Rating Systems to Assess Functions of Depressional Wetlands Created by a Mass Wasting Feature, Table Mountain, Washington. (Gabriel)

Walton, Lauren. (Spring). Building a History: Evaluations of CWU Campus Building to Determine Eligibility for the NR of Historic Places (Herman)

Waters, Tiffany (Summer). Washington’s Fish Consumption Rate and Water Quality Standards: Fostering Allies to Keep Our Seafood Clean. (Pedersen)

Watson, Andrea (Winter). An Analysis of the Socioeconomic Impacts Resulting from the Ellsworth Creek Preserve in Pacific County, Washington (Andrews).


Buchholz, Kathryn (Fall). Aligning Policy with Perception: Management of Whitewater Rafters within the Tieton River Corridor. (Cohen)

Evans, Krista (Spring). The Middle of Nowhere? Managing Northern Rocky Mountain Ghost towns (Kuhlken)

Ferry, Joy (Fall). Significance Evaluation of the Forgotten Creek Site (45PI0429). (McCutcheon)

Geroso, Ray (Fall). Population Structure and Growth Rages of Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes in the Methow Valley, Washington. (Beck/Hickey)

Jones, Sara (Winter). Evaluation of National Register of Historic Places Eligibility Determination at Yakima Training Center, Washington (Hackenberger)

Kassa, Sonja (Fall). The Archaeology of Obsidian Occurrence in Stone Tool Manufacture and Use Along the Mid-Columbia River, Washington. (McCutcheon)

Killsnight, Adriann. (Fall). An Analysis of Swift Fox (Vulpes velox) Occupancy on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Montana. (Ernest)

Lewis, Patrick (Fall). Measuring the Cost and Performance of Lithic Industries at the Sunrise Ridge Borrow Pit Site (45PI408). (McCutcheon)

Molohon, Patrick (Summer). Small Islands, Big Heart: Reproducing the Marquesas Islands Through the Body. (Pedersen)

Nielsen, Kari (Spring). Recreational Trails and Geomorphic Hazards in Glacially Conditioned Basins: A Case Study of Many Glacier Valley, Glacier National Park, Montana. (Lillquist)

Oliver, Bethany (Fall). Cultural Resource Management Planning for the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area, WA. (Revels/Hackenberger)

Parks, Raychel (Fall). A Comparative Analysis of Natural and Human Made Rock Habitats for American Pikas (Ochotona princeps) along Interstate-90 in the Washington Cascade Range.


Shoaf, Kelli. Perceptions of “Wilderness”: An Examination of Native American Utilization of Traditional Plant Resources and Public Land Management. (Pedersen)

Stanley, Stacy (Winter). Alpine and Other Abandoned Towns along the Great Northern Railroad near Steven’s Pass, Washington, 1890-1930. (Lubinski)

Trammell, Jeff (Spring). An Evaluation of the Yakama Fisheries Kelt Reconditioning Program. (James)

Yost, Anna (Spring). GIS Modeling of Elk Habitat Suitability in the North Cascades of Washington State. (Cottrell/Hickey)

Zimmerman, Kathryn (Summer). Sustainability Policy’s Inherent Dilemmas—Exemplified via Critical Examination of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Sustainability Campaign. (Barlow)


Baughman, Doug (Fall). Experiments to Measure the Effects of Timber Harvesting Equipment on Surface Lithic Scatters. (Hackenberger/Lubinski)

Grant, Travis. 2013 (Winter). A Comparison of State and County Management of Public Access and Impacts to Intertidal Zone Biodiversity: A Case Study of Rocky Shore Ecosystems in Island County, Washington. (Gabriel)

Johnson, Kelseyanne. 2013 (Winter). The Elwha River Restoration: Landscape Change, Salmon, and Sense of Place. (Barlow)

Lukens, Michael. 2013 (Spring). The Roles of Humans and Climatic Variation on the Fire History of Subalpine Meadows, Mt. Rainier National Park. (McCutcheon/Walsh)

Mohammed, Hamsa. 2013 (Winter). The Social, Economic, Political, and Environmental Disruption of Charcoal Production within the Unique Geopolitics of Sanaag Region in Somaliland. (Lipton)

Rhodd, Benjamin. (Winter). White Stone Hill a Traditional Cultural Property: Synopsis Report of a Class II Survey Dickey, County, North Dakota. (Hackenberger)

Vickers, Sara. 2013 (Winter). Testing a Proposed Method for Pair-Matching Commingled Skeletal Remains. (Lubinski)


Bowlin, Ryan. 2012 (Winter). The Newton Collection: Testing a Purported Winter Village with Surface Lithics. (Lubinski)

Cannon, Jamie. 2012 (Summer). Prioritizing Forest Restoration Treatments Areas Using Decision Support and Geospatial Analysis on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Washington, USA. (Hickey)

Cloran, Cathy. 2012 (Winter). Defining the Level of State Forest Use: A Visitor Monitoring Recreation Assessment at Naneum Ridge State Forest, Washington State. (Barlow)

Evans, Jennifer. 2012 (Spring). Incorporating LiDAR and GIS to Model the Presence of Gullies at Yakima Training Center, Washington. (Huckabay)

Jankowski, Stephen Todd. 2012 (Spring). Testing the Pointing Cairn Hypothesis: Analysis Of Stacked Rock Features At 35LK1483. (Lubinski)

Jensen, Dawn Marie. 2012 (Fall). Species diversity of biological soil crust lichen and moss in a the Whiskey Dick Mountain Area Kittitas County, WA. (Lipton/Cottrell)

Lauver, Eric 2012 (Summer). Evaluation of Fall Chinook Egg-To-Fry Survival Study Methods in the Priest Rapids Hatchery Discharge Channel. (Lubinski)

Reese, Angie. 2012 (Spring). A Comparative Study of Soil Moisture on Cultivated and Conservation Reserve Program Land in Douglas County, Washington. (Lillquist)

Shea, Holly. 2012 (Spring). The Grissom Site (45KT301): A Review and Synthesis of Investigations and Exploration of the Site's Research Potential. (Lubinski)

Sheahan, Jamie. 2012 (Winter). Headcut Incision Height as an Indicator of Vegetation Change: A Hydroecologic Assessment of Incision, Vegetation, and Soils Interrelationships in Two Riparian Meadows, Ochoco National Forest, Oregon. (Gabriel)

Valenta, Jared. 2012 (Spring). The Identification and Historic Context of Mining Archaeology of the Wenatchee Mountains within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. (Lubinski)

Winter, Tom. 2012 (Spring). Mass Wasting in the Yakima River Canyon, Washington: An Inventory and Hazard Assessment. (Lillquist)


Adjepong, Godfried. 2011 (Winter). Toward Sustainable Water Resource Management in Ghana, a case study from the Birim River Sub-Basin. (Barlow)

Batura, Darcy. 2011 (Spring). Backcountry Campsites at Waptus Lake, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington: Changes in Spatial Distribution, Impacted Areas, and Use Over Time. (Lillquist)

Black, Jill. 2011 (Summer). Extraction of mitochondrial DNA from Prehistoric Dental Calculus. (Lorenz)

Davidson, Charity. 2011 (Fall). Developing Methods to Detect Litter Vulnerability on Public Lands, Washington State. (Gabriel)

Dilworth, Erin. 2011 (Summer). Coupling Intertidal Community Surveys and Management Strategy Evaluations to Assess the Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas in the Puget Sound, Washington. (Gabriel)

Eagleston, Holly. 2011 (Fall). Non-motorized Winter Recreation Impacts to Snowmelt Erosion, Tronsen Basin, Eastern Cascades, Washington. (Lipton, Rubin)

Fitch, Katherine. 2011 (Summer). Ephiphyic Lichens as Early Indicators of Whitepark Pine Decline. (Lipton)

Frank, Harold. 2011 (Summer). Developing Tidal Energy in Angoon, Alaska. (Huckabay)

Ghazenfarpour, Haleh. 2011 (Spring). Urban Wind Power Utilization: A Case Study in Ellensburg, Washington. (Huckabay)

Gray, Ian. 2011 (Winter). Historic Era Homesteading on the Yakima Uplands: Inventory and Evaluation of Historic Archaeological sites on the United States Army Yakima Training Center, Central Washington. (Hackenberger)

Kennelly, Heather 2011 (Spring). Microarchaeology at the Sunrise Ridge Borrow Pit Site. (McCutcheon)

Kreutz, Erin. 2011 (Winter). Naneum Ridge State Forest: A Feasibility Study to Market Forest Carbon to Supplement Washington State Timber Losses. (Huckabay)

Risdon, Edrie. 2011. Development of Sedentism on the Columbia Plateau: Building a Radiocarbon Chronology. (Hackenberger)

Treser, Jared. 2011 (Spring). Historic Glacier and Climate Fluctuations at Mount Adams, WA and Effects on Regional Water Supply. (Lillquist)

Wagenknecht, John. 2011 (Spring). Short-term Response by Two Focal Species to Dry Forest Restoration Treatments on the Wenatchee National Forest, Washington: The Macgillvray’s Warbler (Oporonis tolmiei) and Cassin’s Finch (Carpodacus cassinii). (Uebelacker)

Waupochick, Anthony. 2011 (Winter). Sustainability on Indian forestlands: an analysis of the Menominee forest as a model for environmental resource management. (Gabriel)

Wilburn, David. 2011 (Spring). Overseas Chinese on the American Frontier: Assessment of Historical and Archaeological Sites in Central Washington State. (McCutcheon)


Asher, Eli. 2010 (Summer). Dispersed Riparian Campsite Management in the Greenwater River Watershed, Washington. (Lillquist)

Brookman, Tessa. 2010 (Summer). Mapping the Alpine Treeline Ecotone Changes on Goode Mountain from 1958-2009 in the North Cascades National Park, WA. (Lipton)

Cannon, Carrie. 2010. Incorporating Hualapai Ethnobotany into the Hualapai Cultural Atlas


Cauffman, Gideon. 2010 (Fall). The Application of Participatory GIS Modeling for the Preservation of Yakama and Wanapum Root Gathering on U.S. Army Garrison, Yakima Training Center, Kittitas and Yakima Counties, Washington. (Hackenberger)

Daniel, Jessica. 2010 (Summer). Comanagement and the National Park Service: History, Context and Potential for Implementation. (Huckabay)

Dombert, Casey. 2010. Market Integration of Wind Variability Costs in New York State. (Uebelacker)

Ehmer, Sarah. 2010. An Inventory of Amphibians on the Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge Implications for Management. (Uebelacker)

Esperito, Elaine. 2010 (Summer). An Evaluation of Steelhead Habitat Conditions of the Rock Creek Subbasin. (Uebelacker)

Fairbanks, Marc. 2010 (Fall). GIS Applications in Archaeology: Case Studies in 3-D Analysis and Spatial Thinking Using TRYON Creek Excavation date, Hells Canyon, Oregon. (Hackenberger)

Ferri, Rose. 2010. The Evaluation of the Bumping Lake Summer Home Tract to Determine Eligibility for Listing on the National Register Of Historic Places as an Historic District.(Hackenberger & Uebelacker)

Gray, Jeff. 2010 (Fall). An Ecological and Functional Assessment of Wetlands in the Quincy Lakes Wildlife Management Area, Grant County, Washington. (Gabriel)

Kosters, Kolten. 2010 (Fall). Gladmar: An Ecological Characterization of Modified Floodplain Reaches on the Upper Yakima River. (Revels)

LaFontaine, Harlan. 2010 (Summer). Translating the Dakota Language to Transmit Indigenous Knowledge and Lifeways. (Uebelacker)

Merrill, Adam. 2010 (Summer). Identification and Prioritization of Aquatic Habitat Restoration Projects at a Watershed Scale, Birch Bay, Washington. (Gabriel)

Merrill, Christie. 2010. Constructing New Methodologies in Locating Paleoindian Sites in Eastern Washington State: An Evaluation of Two Landscape Location Models. (Hackenberger)

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(Hackenberger & Uebelacker)

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Tomlin, Lara. 2010 (Summer). Evaluation of Rock Features Near Stevenson, Washington.


Vaughn, Kevin. 2010 (Summer). A Comparison of Lithic Technology and Function Across Environmental Zones in the Southern Washington Cascades. (McCutcheon)

Volkenand, Todd. 2010. Cultural Resource Context Statement for the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area, Okanogan Valley, WA. (Uebelacker)

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Fitzpatrick, Josh. 2008. The Need for Instream Flow Protection in New Mexico: A Comparative Analysis of the Yakima River, Washington with the San Juan River, New Mexico. (Bloodworth/Uebelacker)

Gunnier, Merrilie. 2008. The History and Contemporary Role of the Lyle Falls Dip Net Fishery in Yakama Economy and Culture. (Andrews)

Haney, Faith. 2008. The Down-Easter Austria: The Archaeological, Historical and Educational Value of a Foreshore Shipwreck Site. (Lubinski)

Lally, Jessica. 2008. Analysis of the Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Associated with the Beeswax Wreck, Nehalem, Oregon. (Hackenberger)

Masera, Cynthia. 2008. An Assessment of Community Participation in Ecotourism: A Case Study From the Northern Foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. (Pedersen)

Mateljak, Jason. 2008. Implementation and Assessment of Landscape-Scale Approaches to Salmon Habitat Restoration. (Gabriel)

Middleton, Jessica. 2008. Assessing, Quantifying, and Monitoring Impacts From Visitor Use to Archeological Resources at Yosemite National Park, California. (Lubinski)

Onufer, Jennifer. Identifying the Ethnic Landscape of Roslyn, Washington. (Herman)

Sybrowski, Brandon. 2008. Wrangling Out a Hidden Past: Horse Drives in Central Idaho 1880-1950. (Lubinski)

Volker, Gretchen. 2008. Dispersed Camping-Induced Environmental Degradation along Terraced Riparian Habitats: Assessment and Management along the Upper Cle Elum River, Washington. (Sullivan)

Woodard, Erin. 2008. Investigating the Archaeological Record Across Landform, Geology, and Vegetation in the Eastern Saddle Mountains, Grant County, Washington. (McCutcheon)


Applegate, Laura. 2007. Engaging Public Agencies and the Private Sector: A Collaborative Model. (Huckabay)

Beckley, Eric. 2007. When Mining Ends: A Comparative Case Study of the General Mining Law of 1872 and the Surface Mining and Control Reclamation Act. (Bloodworth/Hultquist)

Begley, James. 2007. Modeling Swakane Bighorn Sheep Habitat and Dispersal. (Uebelacker)

Bell, Cynthia. 2007. Assessing the Role of Participatory GIS as a Process to Encourage Community Involvement in Land Use and Resource Planning. (Gabriel)

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