Informed Consent

The templates below contain all the necessary elements required by the federal regulations.  These forms need to be individualized for your study.

Reading Level and Comprehension.  Consent forms should be written using simple language.  The preferred reading level for average educated adults is 8th grade.  However, age and cognition level of subjects should be considered.  In general, ordinary language should replace technical terms.  Principal Investigators are responsible to provide information to prospective subjects in plain language that is understandable and culturally sensitive.

In Microsoft Word ('Review' tab), use 'Spelling & Grammar' to check the reading level of the document.  You may need to select 'Show Readability Statistics' in 'Options' before running spelling & grammar check (go to 'File' tab, select 'Options', then 'Proofing').

Informed Consent Templates

Sample Consent (General)

Sample Consent (Exercise Science)

Sample Consent (Exercise Science with Addendum)

Sample Consent (Web Survey & Focus Groups)

Sample Consent (Low Risk Interviews with Adults)

Sample Consent (Classroom Observation & Interviews with Adults)

Sample Parent Permission (Classroom Interviews)

Sample Parent Letter (Exempt Research; Non-English Speaking Parents)

Guide for Minor Assent

Sample Minor Assent (Class Interviews)

Sample Minor Assent (Fourth Grade Reading Level)

Resources from the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP)

Informed Consent FAQ

Informed Consent Tips

Informed Consent Checklist

Informed Consent - Non-English Speaking Subjects

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