Festivals and Camps

As you delve deeper into the music department, you discover a vibrant tapestry of festivals and camps that serve as the beating heart of the community. Picture yourself navigating through the sea of instruments, the cacophony of practice sessions merging into an exuberant symphony of anticipation. These experiences within the music department aren't just about sharpening your skills or understanding complex musical theories. They're about the human connections you forge and the shared joy of making music. It's here where you truly understand what it means to be part of a musical community, feeling the unity and harmony not just in the melodies, but in the shared experiences as well.

Throughout the year, the CWU Department of Music is host to a number of diverse music festivals and camps, which serve to promote a higher level of music education in the state of Washington.

These gatherings offer participating students and school groups the opportunity to perform for and with professionals who offer clinics, adjudications, and concerts. The students also are able to meet other groups from around the state and hear performances by CWU music ensembles. If you are a music educator please note the festival dates and coordinators as listed below.

2023-2024 Academic Year

November 14-15, 2023 Fall Choral Classic Festival
For more information contact: Dr. Nicole Lamartine

March 1-2, 2024 WindFest
For more information contact: Dr. T. André Feagin

March 8-9, 2024 Orchestra Festival
For more information contact: Dr. Nikolas Caoile

April 26-27, 2024 WMEA State Solo and Ensemble Competition
For more information contact the WMEA.

May 3-4, 2024 John Moawad Invitational Jazz Festival
For more information contact: Dr. Keith Karns

May, 2024 PianoFest (formerly Sonata-Sonatina)
For more information contact Dr. Yerin Kim

July, 2024 Jazz Camp
For more information contact: Dr. Keith Karns

July - Aug., 2024 Tacoma Youth Symphony Summer Orchestra Festival
For more information contact: Tacoma Youth Symphony

2024-2025 Academic Year

Fall 2024 Central Cello Celebration
for more information contact: John Michel

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