Log your Field Experience Hours

How Many Hours do I Need?

The total number of hours logged varies by program. Consult your program documentation to verify the minimum number of field experience hours for program completion. CWU reports field experience hours to the State of Washington's Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) when recommending teacher candidates for certification.

You will log your hours on the MyCWU Field Experience Log. However, it is your responsibility to also keep a back up copy of your hours. Using this Hours Template spreadsheet for your own records will keep track of all information needed in MyCWU if you forget to log your hours in the system.

What Activities Count?

Teacher candidates can log hours spent planning, instructing, and assessing K-12 classroom learning under guidance from eligible mentor teachers.

Mentor teachers must be certificated with at least three years of professional teaching experience. When hours are being completed toward Field Experience (EFC 330), Student Teaching (EFC 480), and Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) placements, the mentor will preferably be certified in the same endorsement area as the student is seeking. For other placement courses, the mentor teacher does not need to be endorsed in the same area as the student is pursuing.

Teacher candidates may use para-educator hours only when their para-educator hours are conducted in their specific classroom. Please see our policy for additional details on placement restrictions.

Any time spent Planning, Instructing or Assessing classroom instruction can be logged, whether that's during school hours, before/after school or weekends. Other required duties as part of a teacher's contract such as attending Open House or building Professional Development can be also logged. Other experiences related to the school such as after school tutoring, day care, band camp, helping with a school sports team or club, etc. are highly encouraged. These activities may count toward some of your course objectives. However, these activities do not count toward the minimum required field experience hours focused on planning, instructing, and assessing classroom instruction, and therefore should not be logged on the Field Experience log.

Courses That Count Toward Certification:​

Lab and Practicum Courses:

When Can I Log my Hours for Each Quarter?

You can log hours completed during the following dates for each quarter:
  • Fall - Students can log hours for time spent with their mentor teacher from September 1st- end of finals week in December. The log will remain open to changes from that time period until the end of March.
  • Winter - Students can log hours for time spent with their mentor teacher from January 1st- end of finals week in March. The log will remain open to changes from that time period until the end of June.
  • Spring - Students can log hours for time spent with their mentor teacher from end of Winter finals week- end of finals week in June. The log will remain open to changes from that time period until the end August.

If you have missed the window to log hours and the LOG button does not appear in your Field Experience Log you will need to submit a Reopen the Field Experience Log form to be able to make changes to a previous quarter.

MyCWU Field Experience Log Instructions

  1. In MyCWU, go to the Student tab
  2. On the left menu, click on Records
  3. Click on the Field Experience Log
  4. When your log loads, click the LOG button.
  5. Click the magnifying glass by School District
  6. Click the Search Criteria arrow
  7. Search the Description for School District and select correct School District
  8. Click the magnifying glass for School Name. Only the schools in the selected district will be visible. All public and private schools in Washington are loaded into the Field Experience Log! If you are doing field experience at a brand new school your school may not be an option just yet. Request support from step 13.
  9. Click on the school you are completing the course in.
  10. Fill in the information about your mentor teacher and date of activity. This will save for every entry for this courseYour CWU Instructor or Field Supervisor IS NOT your mentor teacher.
  11. Your mentor teacher is the teacher who you are assigned to for the field experience.
  12. Spelling matters! Your mentor teacher's first name, last name and school e-mail address need to be spelled correctly.
  13. Hit SAVE every time.
  14. If you need help to reopen the log for a quarter you forgot to enter, fill out the form to re-open the Field Experience Log.
  15. For all other troubleshooting needs please e-mail SOEData@cwu.edu for assistance.

Field experience log screenshot instructions.

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