Certificate of Science Dissemination

About the Science Dissemination Certificate

The Science Dissemination Certificate offered by CWU is your passport to becoming a proficient science communicator. This specialized program equips you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to convey complex scientific concepts to diverse audiences effectively. Through a blend of hands-on training and cutting-edge coursework, you'll learn how to bridge the gap between scientific experts and the general public.

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Why Study Science Dissemination at CWU?

In today's post-truth world, science communication is increasingly important. Journalists and politicians typically know limited science, while scientists are often not trained to communicate the scientific knowledge that drives our society's progression. The ability to effectively communicate complex, scientific information, however, is what bridges the gap between scientific facts and the general public.

Through this certificate, you will combine the use of scientific communication modes, such as statistics and visualization, with more traditional modes of verbal and written communication among 6 core areas: quantitative representation, written dissemination, verbal dissemination, visualization, one elective, and a culminating experience. Invest in your future and contribute to promoting scientific literacy and understanding through Science Dissemination.

Where is this program offered?

How much does this program cost?

Explore information on Cost, Aid, and Value to make an informed decision about investing in your education at CWU.

Where can I apply and find more information?

To apply for the Science Dissemination Certificate, download the application and submit to Bob Hickey. Additionally, explore your available course offerings and an advising checklist for guidance on program prerequisites and planning.

For general information about the College of the Sciences, please visit the CWU Academic Catalog for current information about admission requirements, course descriptions, learner outcomes, and credit information.

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