Minor in Art History

About the Art History Minor

The Art History Minor offers you a rich and diverse exploration of human creativity through the ages. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the historical, cultural, and aesthetic significance of art, from ancient civilizations to contemporary movements. Through engaging classes, you will develop a discerning eye and a nuanced understanding of the visual arts.

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Why Study Art History at CWU?

Art History provides insights into the cultural and historical contexts in which artworks were created. This minor pairs well with many majors.

You will learn about different civilizations, traditions, and ideologies, and how art reflects and shapes societies. Enrich your understanding of the world and enhance your cultural literacy in the Art History Minor at CWU.  

Where is this program offered?  

How much does this program cost?  

Explore information on Cost, Aid, and Value to make an informed decision about investing in your education at CWU. 

Where can I find more information?

Please visit the CWU Academic Catalog for current information about admission requirements, course descriptions, learner outcomes, and credit information. 


The Sarah Spurgeon Gallery  

The Art and Design Department is home to the Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, which offers exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and other programs that support the program by enhancing general knowledge and understanding of art.

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