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The CWU Learning Commons welcomes all students to engage in academic excellence. Students who wish to succeed in the classroom are invited to work with us to develop skills and habits that accelerate learning and deepen understanding of course content through our peer-to-peer collaboration model.    

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Students are encouraged to use these services throughout the quarter.

Individual Tutoring

Math, Writing, and Subject Specific Tutoring

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Peer Mentoring

Welcome to Peer Mentoring! We are here to help you navigate campus resources and propel you towards your aspirations.

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CWU Learning Commons FAQs page.

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Job Opportunities

Join us by applying to work for the Learning Commons!

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Peer Assisted Learning

PALS page

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Summer 2024 Hours

The Learning Commons' hours fluctuate during breaks. Please be sure to check this page for our updated hours.

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To make an appointment or ask questions, call 509-963-1270, or email us.

Mission, Vision, and Values


The Learning Commons empowers students to pursue academic excellence.


The Learning Commons will support all Wildcats in achieving academic success through access, inclusivity, and engaged learning.



Our work centers on student engagement and success in the academic disciplines and requires creativity, critical thinking, and open inquiry. We demonstrate the sincere pursuit of new knowledge, and we strive to pass this curiosity on to students through eager interest in their own inquiry and success. Curiosity fuels our learning which broadens our understanding.


We demonstrate this value by recognizing the intersection between students’ individualized strengths and needs and systemic imbalances. We use that knowledge to offer resources that aim to support our diverse student body, empowering everyone to achieve their goals.


We demonstrate this value by approaching people and ideas with intellectual charity and open-mindedness, fostering respect for each person, with their unique identities, worldviews, languages, voices, and experiences. As such, we seek to meet difference and disagreement with empathy and wisdom. In doing so, we hope to learn from everyone and make experience our teacher.


We demonstrate this value by recognizing that our conduct inevitably ripples out to our team’s effectiveness and the lives of our patrons. Therefore, we use our time wisely, do our best work, and answer for our choices as well as how we receive the choices of others.

Empathy for all

We demonstrate this value through active listening, kindness, and a friendly attitude toward patrons of all identities, backgrounds, and abilities. We see each team member and patron as a whole person first and seek to use this mindset to fuel each interaction with compassion.

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