University Initiatives

In order to elevate shared governance and increase transparency, we are inviting the university community and beyond to keep up to date on a variety of university initiatives. In many cases, we are involving members of the university community to participate in leading these efforts, including through open forums, listening sessions, and participation on committees. If you have questions about any of these initiatives, please be in touch with any of the individuals involved or with the president’s office.

Vision, Mission, Strategic Plan

During the 2021-2022 academic year, the Central Washington University community will work collaboratively and inclusively to develop a new Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan. Our Vision will be aspirational and provide direction for where we want to go as a university. The Mission statement will capture the essence of who we are and why our work matters. And, importantly, the Strategic Plan will provide the roadmap for getting us to our aspirational vision.

Student Engagement and Success

Our goal in taking our student engagement and success work to the next level is to build a solid foundation for CWU enrollment long into the future, allowing us to weather any declines in high school graduation rates (the enrollment cliff of 2025, the enrollment cliff 18 years after the pandemic, etc.) and capitalize on the growing diversification of the state of Washington and the nation.

The Central Experience

CWU is here for one purpose: to deliver transformational learning experiences that have the power to enrich the lives of students, their families, and their communities. Our dedicated team of professionals shows up every day with the goal of helping people from all backgrounds find their place in the world. Whether it’s inside or outside the classroom, CWU faculty and staff are committed to going the extra mile for our students.


Culture of Respect Leadership Council (Gender-Based Violence Prevention)

One aspect of elevating our work on equity, and on creating a culture where students, faculty, and staff know they belong, is to assure that we have both physical and psychological safety across campus. Specifically, CWU continues to examine best practices in gender-based violence prevention, implement those practices in our own policies, procedures, and practices, and to continually review changes to state and federal legislation.

Elevating Shared Governance

Traditional shared governance is defined as the relationship between Trustees, Administration, and Faculty. Over the course of the academic year, faculty and academic administration will gather to review foundational statements regarding shared governance and then work to develop clarity around how we operationalize shared governance at Central Washington University.

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