Travel Compensation - OT Eligible Employees

Travel Compensation for Overtime-Eligible Employees

Prior to travel, contact your HR Partner to discuss specifics including schedule change notification requirements.

Travel All in One Day – No Overnight Stay

Employee is compensated for hours worked. On a day with an assignment in another city, hours worked include the regular workday and time spent traveling to and returning from the other city, whether driving or not. Normal commute time is not compensated as hours worked.

Example: Employee lives in Cle Elum and works in Ellensburg, M – F, 8 AM–12 PM & 1–5 PM.

Normal Workday:

Normal Work Schedule.

Schedule Event Compensation
7:30 - 8 AM Commute to Work Not Compensated
8 AM - 12 PM Work Compensated
Noon Lunch Not Compensated
1 - 5 PM Work Compensated
5 - 5:30 PM Commute Home Not Compensated

Travel Day:

Employee attends meeting in Spokane from 9 AM to 3 PM

Schedule Event Compensation
6 - 6:30 AM Commute to Ellensburg Not Compensated
6:30 - 9 AM Commute Ellensburg to Spo Compensated
9 AM - 12 PM Meeting Compensated
Noon Lunch Not Compensated (unless w
1 - 3 PM Meeting Compensated
3 - 5:30 PM Compute Spokane to Ellens Compensated
5:30 - 6 PM Commute Home Not Compensated

Overnight Travel

Travel that keeps an employee away from home overnight is travel away from home. Travel away from home is work time for all time spent traveling, waiting to travel, or in transit.

Travel During Regular Work Hours is Compensable

  • Includes travel as a driver or passenger

Travel Outside of Work Hours Is Compensable until Employee Arrives at Destination

  • If not traveling, recreational activities, social events, and mealtimes are generally not compensable

Employee’s schedule may be adjusted prior to trip in accordance with WAC or Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Example: Employee lives in Ellensburg with regular work schedule of M – F, 8 AM–12 PM & 1–5 PM. Takes bus to Seattle airport on Sunday, arriving at hotel at 3:30 PM, conference starts Sunday evening at 5 PM through Monday evening and returns on Tuesday.


Employee living in Ellensburg

Day Schedule Event Compensation
Sunday 7:30 - 12 PM Traveling Compensated
Sunday Noon Lunch- Travelling Compensated
Sunday 1 - 3:30 PM Travelling Compensated
Sunday 3:30 - 5 PM Personal time Not Compensated
Sunday 5 - 6 PM Dinner with Conf Speaker Compensated
Sunday 6 - 8 PM Social Event Not Compensated
Monday 8 AM - 12 PM Conference Presentations Compensated
Monday Noon Lunch Meeting/Presentatio Compensated
Monday 1 - 5 PM Conference Presentations Compensated
Monday 5PM Conference provided dinne Not Compensated
Tuesday 7 - 8 AM Traveling Compensated
Tuesday 8 AM - 12 PM At Airport - Traveling Compensated
Tuesday Noon Lunch - Traveling Compensated
Tuesday 1 - 9 PM Traveling Compensated
Tuesday 9 PM Reached destination Not Compensated

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