Essential Personnel

Determination of Essential Personnel and Expectations

The president or his/her designee may declare a temporary interruption of any or all operations of the institution in the event of a situation adversely affecting Central Washington University’s operations or the well being and safety of students, faculty and/or staff.

Central Washington University will limit any interruption to those operations most directly affected by the situation, in order to minimize disruption of regular teaching, research, and public service programs and of essential services provided to resident students. Conditions under this policy are deemed temporary and shall exist only until normal operations can be resumed.

Vice presidents, deans, and other senior officers will work with their departments to identify core essential functions and to identify employees in each department whose presence is necessary to discharge those functions. Based on this work, each unit will post a list of essential functions and employees. There may be circumstances when employees who have not been identified as essential in this core group may become essential. For example, payroll employees might be considered essential if a disruption occurs during the preparation of paychecks. In such circumstances, supervisors will be notified by division heads or their designees and will notify their employees in advance, if possible, that their jobs are considered essential during a specific workday condition.

An employee’s supervisor is the designated point of contact for employees with questions about whether or not they are essential and are required to report to work. To facilitate this communication, all employees must provide their departments with their current home contact information. Employees who cannot be reached by telephone must contact their department for instructions about reporting to work. Employees who have been designated as essential but who are unable to report to work must notify their supervisors prior to the beginning of their shift.

Essential employees are expected to work their regular shifts, unless notified otherwise by their supervisor. Employees required to work under these circumstances shall report as usual and shall receive their regular rate of pay, including overtime, as appropriate. In instances of an early closing due to emergency conditions, essential employees are not to leave work until the end of their shifts, unless notified by their supervisors. Essential employees required to remain at work when there is an early closing or required to report to work when the university is closed will be paid at their normal rate of pay during their regular work shift.

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