What is the Ethics Advisory Committee?

The committee reports to and advises the chief of staff on ethical issues.

The purpose of the committee includes:

  • Recommending and providing leadership for strategies that integrate ethical principles into institutional culture;
  • Reviewing and/or recommending university policies and guidelines that define ethical principles for conduct within the university;
  • Establishing forums for the discussion of ethical concerns and to educate the university community about university policies regarding ethical issues;
  • Providing advisory consultation in cases where ethical dilemmas are perceived by members of the university community; and
  • Encouraging dialogue to educate, identify issues, offer viable options, seek supplemental resources, and encourage resolution.

Committee Membership

  • Staci Sleigh-Layman
    • Ex-Officio
    • Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Dennis Francois
    • Ex-Officio
    • Director, Athletics
  • Patrick Stanton
    • Ex-Officio 
    • Executive Director, Finance
  • Jason Berthon-Koch
    • Ex-Officio
    • Director, Police & Public Safety
  • Kim Dawson
    • Ex-Officio
    • Executive Assistant to the President
  • Jeffrey Dippmann
    • Appointed
    • Department Chair and Committee Chair
    • Provost/Vice President, Academic and Student Life
  • Keith Lewis
    • Appointed
    • Faculty
    • Recommended by the Faculty Senate and appointed by the Provost/Vice President, Academic and Student Life
  • Emilie Hobert
    • Appointed
    • Exempt Employee
    • Recommended by the Exempt Employee Association
  • Shelley Berry
    • Appointed
    • Civil Service Employee
    • Recommended by the Employee Council
  • Mariela Barrera-Amaya
    • Appointed
    • Student
    • Recommended by the ASCWU-SG and appointed by the Vice President of Operations

Year-End Report

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