Disability Access Policies and Complaints

From reporting concerns to the University and utilizing informal or formal resolution processes to filing complaints with state or federal agencies, Central Washington University (CWU) community members have different options to report disability discrimination or address concerns related to disability access.

CWU Disability Access Policies and Procedures

University Reporting and Process

When Civil Rights Compliance (CRC) receives a report of disability discrimination or inquiries related to disability access, the ADA coordinator reviews the report and contacts the Reporting Party/Complainant to explain resolution options.

Following a report, next steps in the process depend on:

  • Whether or not the complaint falls under a CWU definition of disability discrimination or other policy violation
  • Whether or not the complaint involves CWU jurisdiction of authority.
  • How the Reporting Party/Complainant wants to proceed with the complaint and/or participate in a resolution process.
  • Whether or not the ADA Coordinator has to proceed with the complaint, as several factors must be weighed to ensure that the University is maintaining a safe and nondiscriminatory environment.

Informal Complaints/Inquires

Complaints or requests for information that result in informal discussions with the Complainant(s) as well as negotiation or mediation of a resolution between the involved parties.

Formal Complaints

Formal resolution of a disability discrimination complaint involves a CRC investigation and hearing process by the appropriate office/department, resulting in findings and recommendations.

Reporting Complaints Externally

Disability discrimination complaints can also be filed with state or federal agencies, including the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In these cases, the office of Civil Rights Compliance coordinates the University's response to the complaint.

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