Accommodations at CWU

Central Washington University (CWU) aims to ensure that it's campus and programs are accessible and in compliance with state and federal disability standards; this includes providing reasonable accommodations to remove barriers that may prevent an individual with a disability from equally participating in academics, employment, or other University program.

  • Reasonable accommodations may include specialized equipment, auxiliary aids, policy modifications, academic adjustments, or other accommodation that is effective.
To seek an accommodation, CWU students should contact Disability Services and CWU employees should contact Human Resources.

How to Seek/Request Accommodations

  • Student Accommodations

    Disability Services serves CWU students with permanent and temporary disabilities, including students at the main Ellensburg campus, online students, as well as students at any of the eight University Centers. The mission of Disability Services at CWU is to make university life accessible to students with disabilities.

    For more information regarding student disability accommodations at CWU, contact Disability Services using the information below or visit "Registering with Disability Services".


    Disability Services

    • Email:
    • Phone: (509) 963-2214
    • Fax: (509) 963-2587
    • Location: Hogue Hall 126
  • Employee Accommodations

    Central Washington University (CWU) is committed to providing reasonable workplace accommodations to individuals with disabilities.

    For more information regarding employee disability accommodations at CWU, contact Human Resources using the information below or visit "Workplace Accommodation".

    Human Resources

    • Email:
    • Phone: (509) 963-1202
    • Location: Mitchell Hall 1st Floor
University policy, as well as state and federal law, strictly prohibit retaliation against an individual for requesting a disability accommodation or for participating in a disability discrimination complaint process.

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