Suspicious Mail or Device

If you or someone around you comes in contact with a suspicious package or device:

  1. Do not touch the package or device.
  2. Call 911 immediately.
  3. Evacuate the area. DO NOT INITIATE OR ACTIVATE THE FIRE ALARM SYSTEM. Verbally notify all occupants to leave the area.

Common features of suspicious packages or letters:

  • There may be liquid leaking from the package.
  • They tend to have hand-applied postage.
  • They have excessive postage.
  • They are addressed to a position, but not a person.
  • There may be no return address.
  • They are often hand written or have a poorly typed address.
  • They tend not to be in business format envelopes.
  • There may be misspelling of common words.
  • They may have restrictive markings such as Confidential, Personal, etc.
  • They may have excessive weight and/or the feel of a powdery or foreign substance.
  • The source of the letter/package is not recognized by the recipient/addressee.

You should NOT do the following:

  • Pass the letter or package to others to look at.
  • Distribute any contents in the letter or package. Handling the letter/package may only spread the substance contained inside and increase the chances of it getting into the air.
  • Ignore the threat; it must be treated as real until properly evaluated.
  • Leave the building until instructed to do so.

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