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Volunteering/Leadership Ambassadors

Student volunteers are critical to the success of SOURCE. The roles that volunteers play include:

  • Volunteers check in presenters, judges, and room attendants, giving them name badges and information packets, and collecting judging forms when they are complete. These volunteers also answer general questions about SOURCE.
  • Room attendants monitor oral sessions, count the number of attendees in the room, and make sure the technology is working. 
  • Poster session attendants stand at the entrance to the poster session and use a clicker to count people as they walk in; they greet people and answer questions about the session. 
  • Keynote attendants welcome people to the keynote speaker, count the number of attendees, and encourage people to enter the session as it is beginning. 
  • Photographers walk around SOURCE capturing all elements through photos and videos. They upload all of their media to a common computer. 

Students with particular skills may suggest other volunteer opportunities as well. We are happy to support volunteer participation in SOURCE!



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