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Volunteer to chair a session

Session chairs run the oral sessions. Specifically, their tasks are to:

  • BRIEF THE SPEAKERS: Welcome speakers to the session, remind them about timing, and tell them about the color card system for tracking time (see below);
  • INTRODUCE EACH PRESENTATION: Make transitions smooth between talks by introducing the presenting author and title;
  • FACILITATE QUESTIONS: At the end of each talk, ask the audience for questions, call on individuals, and moderate as needed;
  • KEEP THE SESSION ON TIME: Keeping talks aligned with the published program is the most important role of the session chair. That way, audience members can attend talks at the scheduled times.

You can volunteer to be a session chair within your discipline or outside of it in order to learn something new. 

Please sign-up by May 1

Early submissions will be given priority for scheduling.

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We will try to accommodate your preference for the type of session you chair.
Please select all session times during which you are available. We will only schedule for one session unless you generously offered to chair more than one and we are in need of additional session chairs.

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