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Student Information

SOURCE welcomes student participation and attendance every year on the third Thursday in May.  SOURCE is a showcase for students at Central Washington University to show off their hard work, practice their professional skills, network, and enhance their resume!

Not sure what goes on at SOURCE?   Check past SOURCE Programs and Proceedings.

Important things to know:

  • You may participate individually or as a group.
  • You may participate in an oral presentation, a poster presentation, a creative expression, or a creative work.
  • SOURCE is designed to allow students to present mentored research, scholarship, or creative to your faculty mentor today about participating in SOURCE.

Submitting to present at SOURCE:

  • The submission site opens in early March and closes in early April.  You must submit your abstract or artist/presenter statement during those open dates in order to present at SOURCE.
  • An abstract is a summary of your project which concentrates on the essentials of a larger idea or claim. In general, your abstract should include the nature and significance of your project, the methodology employed, and the results and/or progress to date.
  • Creative work or creative expression entries submit an artist/presenter statement rather than a research abstract.  Artist/presenter statements describe the creative activity and, if appropriate, either the inspiration for the creative activity or the criteria used to construct a creative work.

Presenting at SOURCE:

  • Wear professional/business attire.
  • Come prepared, which means posters should already be printed and presentations should be uploaded the night before SOURCE in the Student Union and Recreation Center (2nd floor outside the ballrooms).  Visit the session room in which you are presenting.
  • Arrive early to presentation sessions, especially if you are presenting. Presenters are asked to be in their session room at least ten minutes prior to the beginning of the session.
  • Remain for the entirety of a presentation session, especially if you are presenting.
  • Wait until students are finished delivering presentations (or are in between presentations) before entering a session room.

If you have signed up to present but are no longer able to, contact the SOURCE Office as soon as possible at