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Gilbert Elected as CUR Councilor for the Arts & Humanities Division

     Jamie Gilbert, M.Ed., Non-Profit Organizational Management faculty and Program Coordinator for the Office of Undergraduate Research & SOURCE, has been elected to represent Central Washington University as a Councilor in the Arts and Humanities division of the National Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). Research shows that UR is deemed a High Impact Practice (HIP) that is beneficial for college students from diverse backgrounds. Gilbert’s mission is to reach out to historically underserved students, who do not have equitable access to high-impact learning.

     Councilors are elected because they have demonstrated leadership in promoting, mentoring, and involving undergraduate students in their research, scholarship and creative activity. Gilbert will join two other distinguished Central faculty on the national council:  Dr. Dominic Klyve, CUR Mathematics & Computer Sciences Chair and Dr. Susana Flores, Councilor in the Education Division. Dr. Flores remarked “I admire Jamie for her innovative and successful work increasing the total number of students involved in undergraduate research (UR) and in diversifying our undergraduate research presenters. I have been so impressed with her knowledge, skills, and dispositions in UR that I nominated her for the councilor position to serve the national body.”

     Gilbert and Dr. Flores traveled to the Hawaii International Conference on Education in January along with members of the CWU Undergraduate Research Club: two graduate students, Jessica Murillo-Rosales and Meghan Gilbert, and one undergraduate student, Alicia Brito, to present “Engaging Undergraduate Students in Research: Faculty, Staff and Student Perspectives”.  Murillo-Rosales, who also serves as Central’s 2016-2017 student representative on the Washington State Achievement Council stressed “This is the first time in my current academic career that I had the chance to connect with educators and other professionals from outside the United States. It was truly remarkable to see how other countries fought for their citizens’ rights for an equitable education.”

     Brito stated “For me, the word “research” frightened me in the early years of my undergraduate career. My story of how I fell in love with research started with simply being more open minded to the idea of one day presenting my work and becoming a published author. My mindset shifted when I gained more self-confidence in myself. With the help and motivation  of my professors and of the SOURCE Ambassadors, established by Professor Gilbert, I have continued to accomplish my research goals.” Brito, who graduated from Central in January and was just accepted into graduate school, will be sharing her story as a first-generation student along with her research journey at this year’s SOURCE 2017 Celebration Dinner May 17th in the SURC Ballroom.

     Dr. Heidi Henshel-Pellett, Chair of the Department of Physical Education, School Health and Movement Studies, attended their presentation in Hawaii because she was happy to see CWU students from multiple disciplines presenting together at an international conference. Dr. Pellet stated “I wish there could be more funding available for more students to work with other professors to present, be a scholar, and feel good about it.” She said she was touched by the students’ stories about their research accomplishments that they thought they would never have achieved, which showed her as a professor, how crucial it is to mentor students here on our campus.

     Gilbert is currently seeking her Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership and her dissertation examines the Impact of Grit and Creativity on Millennial Student Engagement in University Research. “My journey with research was sparked as a psychology student at Central under the guidance of Dr. Kara Gabriel.  To this day, Dr. Gabriel still inspires and guides my research goals. It has been my greatest pleasure to share the knowledge that Dr. Gabriel bestowed upon me with the students I am currently teaching. Thanks to the support of Dean Stacey Robertson, I am thrilled at the opportunity to share these research experiences during my upcoming three-year term as a CUR councilor and be able to collaborate with other leaders in UR from around the country and bring those ideas back to my colleagues and students here at Central.”

Meghan Gilbert, Alicia Brito, Dr. Susana Flores, Jamie Gilbert, Jessica Murillo-Rosales

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