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Physical Education, School Health and Movement Studies



Physical Education, School Health and Movement Studies is dedicated to empowering our students through lifelong learning, the advancement of knowledge, and community engagement.


Our department is committed to excellence for faculty, staff, and students, and the greater global community.  We strive to facilitate an innovative and passionate teaching and research environment through leadership, service, and scholarship. One of our goals is to foster a student-centered environment where individuals can develop skills, knowledge, and dispositions necessary to be exceptional in their chosen fields.


  • Quality of life:  Healthy and active lifestyles; healthy and sustainable communities
  • Professionalism:  Ethics, honesty, respect, integrity
  • Commitment to Learning:  Relationships, relevance, rigor, 
  • Diversity:  Ideas, people, and cultures
  • Leadership:  Service and life-long learning.

The PE department is proud to receive this award for being one of the most affordable online colleges in 2017! 

Department Strategic Plan

Please follow this link to our plan.

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