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Deadlines for 2015-16

Curriculum Policies/Procedures

Curriculum Forms:

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Course Learner Outcomes

Hold Petition Form

2016-17 General Education 

Explanation Letter and deadlines

2013 General Education Proposal

Assessment Guidelines

Assessment Form Example

Committee Proposal Rating Form (For committee use only)

Guidelines for filling out General Education proposal

General Education Outcome and Assessment Forms

2016 General Education Proposal Form

Basic Skill:  Academic Advising Seminar

Basic Skill:  Academic Writing

Basic Skill:  Academic Writing and the Research Paper

Basic Skill: Computer Fundamentals

Basic Skill:  Foreign Language Requirement

Basic Skill:  Basic Quantitative Skills

Basic Skill:  Quantitative Literacy

Basic Skill:  Critical Thinking

Breadth Area: Social and Behavior Sciences

Perspectives on the Cultures and Experiences of the United States

Perspectives on World Cultures

Foundations of Human Adaptations and Behavior

Breadth Area:  Arts and Humanities

Literature and the Humanities

The Aesthetic Experience

Religions and Philosophies of the World

Breadth Area:  Natural Sciences

Fundamental Disciplines of Physical and Biological Sciences

Patterns and Connections in the Natural World

Application to Natural Sciences