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Accessibility Studies

Accessibility Studies is Now Accepting Students!


One fifth of the population is affected by disability and our laws protect their rights to live independently. Accessibility Studies brings value to most every career path—from business to social services. 

Earn your certificate or minor in Accessibility Studies and make a difference in your career and in the lives of others!


Program Offerings

Certificate in Accessibility Studies … Become Certified in 10 Weeks--Totally Online!
The 16-credit, four-course certificate can be completed in one summer session or take a course each quarter to finish in a year.  All core courses are offered online.   
A 20-credit minor in Accessibility Studies requires the four core certificate courses, plus an additional five credits of program-approved electives. These credits can be part of your major, too. Tailor your minor to fit your desired career goals and interests!

Take ASP 305 Accessibility & User Experience  and learn about current careers requiring competence in troubleshooting accessibility. Investigate quality of life issues confront people of all ability levels in everyday experiences and environments.  

Accessibility reaches beyond those we serve to include those we work with.

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.