Executive Vice President

As the Executive Vice President in the ASCWU Student Government at Central Washington University, you hold a position of significant responsibility and leadership. You serve as the right hand to the President, stepping into their role when needed and overseeing various committees within the student government. Your days are filled with meetings, strategic planning, and coordination with different departments to ensure that student interests are being met and represented. You help to foster a sense of unity, professionalism, and purpose within the student government, guiding members towards common goals. Your voice is not only heard within the university but extends to external engagements, where you advocate for student rights and work to build relationships that will benefit the student body. Your role as Executive Vice President is pivotal, embodying the leadership and vision that drives the ASCWU forward.

ASCWU Executive Vice President: Nicholas Villa

The Executive Vice President's duties and responsibilities are to manage the administrative student staff members of ASCWU, recruit students to represent on committees, and account for the budget of all activities regarding ASCWU. Throughout the academic year, they are responsible for updating ASCWU's financial budget to the public and internally, and sit on the Services & Activities (S&A) Fees Committee. The Executive Vice President also fills in for the President if needed.

Services & Activities Fee Committee (S&A)

The Services and Activities Fee Committee proposes and the Central Washington University Board of Trustees approves programs and corresponding budget levels for University organizations funded by Services and Activities Fees (S&A Fees). These fees are collected from students at registration and are allocated to programs as direct budget allocations or indirectly through other organizations. As a student officer, student organization advisor, program director, or budget authority, you are responsible for spending the money in an acceptable and appropriate manner, following State of Washington and Central Washington University guidelines.

Student Representation on Committees

Central Washington University committees provide opportunities for faculty, staff, and student participation in university affairs. Currently, the office of Executive Vice President has 35 committees available for students to apply. Members of the committees are expected to seek counsel from CWU professionals that are pertinent to the respected committees.


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