Who We Are


Student leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLICE) actively serves the CWU community by developing opportunities that cultivate individual and collective engagement within leadership, civic engagement, and campus club experiences. Our purpose is to encourage a sense of belonging, identity exploration, and promote positive social change within individual communities, the university and beyond.


Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement (SLICE) envisions diverse communities engaged in leadership for individual and collective liberation.

Commitment to Diversity

Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement (SLICE) is committed to contributing to the CWU community through equity, inclusion, and positive social chance in the continuous efforts of fostering an environment where all students are welcomed, respected and belong.

Guiding Values

Within the Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement (SLICE) office, our team, programs, experiences and services strive to uphold and infuse the following values.

  • Growth: Broaden our understanding of self and others, and actively pursue our individual and collective potential.
  • Belonging: Develop and model welcoming spaces and experiences encouraging authenticity in all. Engage with and reflect on our participation and disruption of systems of power and privilege while offering tools to create and sustain an environment of compassion, equity, and community.
  • Courage: Explore new experiences, learn new skills, give/receive feedback, and explore possibilities in ourselves and others. Be brave and strive for excellence in all things. Actively explore vulnerability and its relationship in our journey to success.
  • Connection: Provide intentional involvement opportunities to reflect, explore, and learn from our connections to others, our peers and our community to make a difference, build strong relationships and succeed in future endeavors.

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