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National College Health Assessment Survey

Learn more about the NCHA Survey on this page.

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Prevention, Advocacy, Training, and Healing (PATH)

Learn how to prevent interpersonal violence and your options for confidential support.

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CWU Collegiate Recovery Community

Learn about CWU Collegiate Recovery Community and upcoming events, opportunities, and efforts.

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Mental Health Initiatives

Mental health impacts all other aspects of wellbeing. Learn about how we are working to support CWU students.

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Adulthood Unlocked

Join us May 8th to learn the life skills necessary to unlock adulthood! Visit our website to find out more.

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Student Resources

Health and wellbeing resources made specifically to support student success. Includes helpful information for parents.

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Staff and Faculty Resources

Explore resources for faculty who want to learn more about supporting the health and success of their students.

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Ready to Use Materials

Browse our educational materials to post in your space or use for distribution.

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Recovery and Substance Misuse Prevention

Learn more about substance misuse prevention, free online screening, and resources.

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The office Health Promotion is a proud partner within the Health and Wellness Unit at CWU. We offer education, awareness, and health promotion for CWU students using the Dimensions of Wellbeing framework. We focus our effort and service towards:

  • Mental Health Education and Help Seeking Behaviors;
  • Substance Misuse Prevention and Recovery Support; and
  • Sexual Assault Response and Violence Prevention.

At the Office of Health Promotion, we take pride in continuing to educate ourselves and the CWU community to provide the best and most equitable service to all.



If you are seeking medical information or care, reach out to our Health & Wellness partner, Student Health Services

If you are seeking mental health counseling information or care, reach our to our Health and Wellness partner, Student Counseling Services.

CWU Family and Support Networks Resource Guide for Supporting Healthy College Students (PDF)

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