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Cultural and Environmental Resource Management

College of the Sciences

Postgraduate Careers

Graduates of the Cultural and Environmental Resource Management Program have built the following careers with these entities:

  • Various private consultants:

    - Consulting Archaeologist
    - Program Manager
    - Environmental Scientist

  • Various non-governmental organizations:

    - Operations Director
    - Habitat Program Manager

  • Various city governments:

    - Planner
    - GIS manager

  • Various county governments:

    - GIS Manager
    - Land Use Planner
    - Transit Planner

  • Various Indian Tribes (e.g., Yakama Nation):

    - Fisheries Manager
    - Historic Preservation Officer
    - GIS Analyst

  • Various public utility districts (e.g., Grant County Public Utility District):

    - Archaeologist
    - Wildlife Biologist
    - GIS Analyst
    - Fisheries Biologist
    - Recreation Manager
    - Planner

  • Various irrigation/conservation districts (e.g., Kittitas County):

    - GIS Analyst
    - Resource Manager

  • Various universities:

    - Scientific Instructional Technician
    - Professor

  • Washington State Department of Ecology:

    - Water Resource Manager
    - Regulatory Analyst

  • Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife:

    - Biologist
    - Planner

  • Washington State Department of Health:

    - Research investigator

  • Washington State Department of Natural Resources:

    - Forester
    - Resource Manager

  • Washington State Department of Transportation:

    - Environmental GIS/Data Systems Manager
    - Environmental Coordinator
    - NEPA Planner
    - Transportation Planning Specialist
    - Project Coordinator

  • Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission:

    - Interpretive Program Manager
    - Interpretive Ranger

  • Washington State University Cooperative Extension:

    - Forest Stewardship Educator

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:

    - GIS/Environmental technician
    - Project Manager

  • U.S. Army–Yakima Training Center:

    - Range and Training Land Coordinator
    - GIS Analyst
    - Environmental Management System and Sustainability Coordinator

  • U.S. Bureau of Land Management:

    - Archeologist
    - Resource Manager

  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation:

    - Historian
    - Anthropologist
    - Social scientist

  • U.S. Department of Inspections:

    - GIS Technician

  • U.S Environmental Protection Agency:

    - Air & Radiation Manager
    - Anthropologist
    - Social scientist

  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service:

    - GIS analyst
    - Ecologist
    - Anthropologist

  • U.S. Forest Service:

    - Archaeologist
    - GIS analyst

  • U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

    - Forest Technology Manager
    - Social Scientist
    - Anthropologist

  • U.S. National Park Service:

    - Archaeologist
    - Interpretative Ranger
    - Park Ranger
    - Ethnographer
    - Cultural/Regional Anthropologist

Additionally, our graduates also go on to PhD programs. Included in these are:

Robert Berrens, M.S., REM (1984); PhD, Economics, Oregon State University (2003); now Professor, Department of Economics, University of New Mexico.

Gary Cummisk, M.S. REM (1987); PhD, Geography, University of Oregon (1995); now Assistant Professor, Geography & Anthropology, Dickinson State University (North Dakota).

Joel Geffen, M.S. REM (1989); PhD, Religious Studies, University of California–Los Angeles.

Allen Sullivan, M.S., REM (1994); PhD, Geography, Oregon State University (2001); now Environmental Management System and Sustainability Coordinator at Yakima Training Center.

Clay Arango, M.S., REM (2001); PhD, Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame (2007); now lecturer, Biological Sciences and Geography, Central Washington University.

John Ward, M.S., REM (2004); PhD, Environmental Dynamics, Department of Geosciences, University of Arkansas (2007); now Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

Paul Blanton, M.S., REM (2004); PhD, Geography, University of Oregon (2010); now Adjunct Faculty, Environmental Studies Department, Southern Oregon University.

Aaron Galloway, M.S., REM (2004); now PhD candidate, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington. 

Jane-Leigh Thomas, M.S., REM (2006); PhD, department, University of Edinburgh.

Andrew Perkins, M.S., REM (2007); now PhD candidate, Geography Department, Simon Fraser University (British Columbia).

Carla Jellum, M.S., REM (2007); now PhD candidate, Centre for Recreation Research, University of Otago (New Zealand).

Laura Applegate, M.S., REM (2007); now PhD candidate, Department of Natural Resource Science, Washington State University.

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