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International Student Insurance

Please allow 3-5 business days for your insuranse forms to be processed.

All CWU international students are required to have health insurance which meets CWU’s minimum requirements.


  • Health insurance policy in English (preferred);
  • Minimum annual maximum benefit of $1,000,000;
  • Provide coverage for self-inflicted injury of not less than $10,000;
  • Minimum medical evacuation coverage benefit of $50,000;
  • Minimum repatriation coverage benefit of $25,000;
  • Deductibles not to exceed $500 per accident or illness;
  • Plan must include coverage for mental health conditions;
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions strongly recommended
  • Coverage for intramural and club sports strongly recommended.


Students must supply a proof of coverage and compliance form, along with an English version of their insurance policy and insurance card showing the period of coverage and policy type.  A hold will be placed on students accounts, and they will not be able to enroll and/or attend classes until our office verifies proof of adequate health insurance.

The period of coverage must be equal or greater than the effective dates listed below*


QuarterStart DateEnd Date
Summer quarter 2018 effective dates:**6/18/20189/18/2018
Academic Year 2018-19 effective dates:9/19/      2018  9/24   /  2019 
Fall quarter 2018 effective dates:9/19/20181/2/2019
Winter quarter 2019 effective dates:1/3/20193/ 25/2 019
Spring quarter 2019 effective dates:3/26/20196/16/2019
Summer quarter 2019 effective dates:**6/17/20199/24/2019

* CWU recommends coverage to begin on the day you start travel to CWU. The above listed start date required for insurance is the first day of class for that term, but the earlier date is recommended.
** Unless you are returning home for the entire summer term, international student insurance is still required. Please note that if you do not continue your coverage during summer term, you will have a lapse in coverage, and your waiting period for pre-existing conditions will start over.

The Proof of Coverage and Compliance Form, insurance policy and insurance card copies can be submitted electronically to:

Documents can also be hand delivered to:

Ellensburg:Ray Wells, International Center 101
Westside Centers:Kathy Gallentine, at the Lynnwood or Des Moines Center


QuarterRegistration Hold AddedSHIP Charged if no Insurance
Fall 20184/2/20189/19/2018
Winter 20199/25/20181/3/2019
Spring 20191/9/20183/26/2019
Summer 2019***4/1/20196/19/2019

***Same as Registration Hold date for the following Fall. Students who want to register for summer classes can request a one-day lift of their Fall registration hold after proving adequate insurance coverage to allow them to register for summer classes.

Below are a few suggested plans that meet university international student health insurance requirements.

LewerMark offers an individual plan that meets CWU minimum requirements. This policy excludes intercollegiate sports, but includes intramural and club sports. Dates of coverage are automatically set to match required dates for CWU.
Click here for the link to the LewerMark plan

PSI offers individual plans that meet CWU minimum requirements.  Please review the plan you choose before purchasing to make sure you choose a plan that meets all CWU minimum requirements. Dates of coverage are automatically set to match required dates for CWU, but can be extended past set end date to match scholar end dates.
Click here for the link to the PSI plans

CWU’s student health plan with UnitedHealthcare is available for F-1 and J-1 students for the 2017-18 school year.  This plan includes intercollegiate sports coverage. Dates of coverage are automatically set to match required dates for CWU.
*This is the plan you will be automatically enrolled into, if you do not provide proof of adequate alternate insurance by the first day of each term.
Click here for the link to the UnitedHealthcare SHIP Plan


SOS International offers a repatriation and medical evacuation policy that meets our requirements if you have other approved insurance and are only in need of this coverage to be compliant.
Click here for the link to SOS International

If you are not sure if a plan you are considering will meet our minimum requirements, you can email that plan to our office prior to purchasing it. We will review the coverage for you.

Contact us if you have any questions:
Telephone: 509-963-1375

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