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Department of Geography
Dean Hall 301
(509) 963-1188

Faculty and Staff

In Memory of our Colleague

Anthony Gabriel, Professor
Ph.D. University of Guelph
Interests and expertise: resource geography; lake and river ecosystems; coastal and wetlands management; environmental hazards and recreation geography.






John Bowen, Professor
Ph.D. University of Kentucky
Interests and expertise: economic geography, air transport systems, Asia.

Elvin Delgado, Associate Professor, Director of Integrated Energy Management
Ph.D. Syracuse University
Interests and expertise: energy and capitalism; political economy and nature; critical resource geography and political ecology.

Robert Hickey, Professor
Ph.D. University of Idaho
Interests and expertise: GIS and remote sensing applications in environmental modeling; ore deposit geology and erosion modeling.

Karl Lillquist, Professor
Ph.D. University of Utah
Interests and expertise: geomorphology; remote sensing; climate change; arid and alpine environments.

Jennifer Lipton, Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Texas
Interests and expertise: environmental geography, remote sensing, mountain environments, Latin America.

Michael Pease, Professor, Department Chair, Director of Public Policy Program
Ph.D. Southern Illinois University
Interests and expertise: water resources, physical geography.

Sterling Quinn, Associate Professor, Director of GIS Programs
Ph.D Penn State University
Interests and expertise: Critical cartography in the Internet era, crowdsourced mapping, free and open source GIS, Latin America.

Craig Revels, Associate Professor, On Sabbatical
Ph.D. Louisiana State University
Interests and expertise: cultural-historical Geography, landscape, Latin America.

Megan Walsh, Professor, Co-Director of Cultural and Environmental Resource Management Graduate Program
Ph.D. University of Oregon
Interests and expertise: biogeography, paleoecology, American West.

Adjunct Faculty

Elaine Glenn
M.S. Brigham Young University
Interests and expertise: political geography, world regional geography, Middle East


David Cordner, Instructor, Instructional and Classroom Support Technician
M.S. Central Washington University
Interests and expertise: geographic information systems; spatial web application development, optical and gnss surveying; landscape architecture; environmental perception.

Monica Reece-Bruya, Secretary
Dean Hall 301
(509) 963-1188
B.A.  Central Washington University

Emeritus Faculty

James Brooks
In memoriam: James Brooks
Ph.D. University of Washington

Dee R. Eberhart
In memoriam: Dee R. Eberhart
M.A. Northwestern University   

Anthony Gabriel
In memoriam: Anthony Gabriel
Ph.D. University of Guelph

Kenneth A. Hammond
Ph.D. University of Michigan

James Huckabay
Ph.D. University of Kansas

Nancy Hultquist
In memoriam: Nancy Hultquist
Ph.D. University of Idaho

Martin Kaatz
Ph.D. University of Michigan

Robert Kuhlken
In memoriam: Robert Kuhlken
Ph.D. Louisiana State University

George Macinko
In memoriam: George Macinko
Ph.D. University of Michigan

John Q. Ressler
Ph.D. University of Oregon

Morris Uebelacker
Ph.D. University of Oregon



Kevin Archer, Professor
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University
Interest and Expertise: Globalization and cities, environmental thought and politics, political economy, geopolitics, and public policy.









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