Exempt Employee Association
Executive Committee

Exempt Employee Association

The EEA executive committee seeks to provide service, support, and acknowledgment to-and-for all exempt employees. Also, we endeavor to provide a unified voice for CWU exempt employees in developing and offering recommendations to the president on staff welfare, personnel policy, and procedures.

We also seek to keep you abreast of developments throughout the year. I also encourage you to feel free to contact your particular EEA area representative, or an at-large member, with questions you may have. I would also like to personally invite you to attend one of our executive committee meetings. The schedule is also available on the site.

In addition, we recognize an Employee of the Month throughout the year, who then have the chance to be named the CWU Exempt Employee of the Year.

If you know of a colleague who goes above and beyond normal job responsibilities, offers unique contributions to their work unit and/or the university as a whole, who has a significant and positive impact on those they work with or come in contact with, and consistently perform for the betterment of CWU, please consider nominating him or her for the monthly honor.

You can learn more about the Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year program, and nominate a colleague for recognition, elsewhere on our site.

Once again, on behalf of CWU’s Exempt Employee Association (EEA) executive committee, we hold it an honor and responsibility to serve you and all of the exempt employees here at CWU.

Kind regards,

Carolyn Thurston, chair
EEA Executive Committee

EEA Mission

To provide administrators and professional staff and administrators a vehicle to:

  • ensure a unified voice of exempt employees;
  • represent all exempt employees, professional staff through administrators;
  • uphold a conducive environment for teaching, learning, research, and service;
  • make recommendations to the president on staff welfare, personnel policy, and procedures; and
  • provide exempt employees with opportunities for involvement in the university from attending EEA meetings to representing exempt employees on various committees.