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This is a quick links resource for Faculty to find University information as well as support students.

Testing Alternative options

  • Case by Case

    Case by Case is designed to provide an alternative measure of a teacher candidate's content knowledge. Passing the NES/WEST-E content test is still a state certification requirement, but PESB has provided this option for students. CWU has developed our own program to assist students in meeting this certification requirement. If you have a student struggling to pass these tests, please direct them to the Teacher Certification Program's Required Testing webpage.

  • WEST-B Policy

    Every student is required to attempt a reading, writing and math basic skills test to become a teacher in Washington. Typically the attempts come from ACT, SAT or WEST-B tests in each subject.

    CWU has updated our Basic Skills admission requirement to provide test only options as well as test plus course options to meet the basic skills.

    If you have a student has a Basic Skills item in their To-Do list in MyCWU, please direct them to to get their individual questions answered.

  • Teacher Certification Program FAQs

    The Teacher Certification constantly updates the Student Resources webpage to provide answers to frequently asked questions. The questions are organized by idea and generally in chronologic order of when students may have those questions as they progress to certification.

Other Important Resources

  • Focus of Concern

    If you have concerns about a student, either academically or dispositionally and you feel it needs documenting please complete the Focus of Concern. Please include context if you would like School of Education to address the situation or if this is for informational purposes only.

  • Provost's Website

    Resources for Faculty can be found on the Provost's Office website. These resources include the Collective Bargaining Agreements, evaluations and forms.

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