Testing Information and Vouchers

Registering for Certification Tests

This shows how to register for WEST-B tests. The process is the same for NES and WEST-E tests.

Basic Skills Tests

Washington requires a test attempt for reading, writing and math. Typically students use their SAT or ACT scores and the WEST-B if they have never taken the either.

Teacher Certification Program at CWU maintains our own program requirements above the state minimums.


  • SAT 515 (through 3/4/2016), 27.5 (beginning 3/5/2016)
  • ACT 22
  • WEST-B 235+


  • SAT 500 (through 3/4/2016), 27 (beginning 3/5/2016)
  • ACT 22
  • WEST-B 235+


  • SAT 490 (through 3/4/2016), 28 (beginning 3/5/2016), Did not exist before 2006
  • ACT 8 (through 8/31/2015), 23 (9/2015-8/2016), 8 (beginning 9/1/2016)
  • WEST-B 235+

Register for the WEST-B tests online.
You may be able to access old SAT reports or ACT reports to email to teachercertification@cwu.edu

Content Knowledge: WEST-E and NES

Washington State requires that you attempt at least one exit exam before you begin student teaching. 

You are ready to take the exit exam(s) upon completing most of your major or minor content courses. You will need to pass all test subjects you wish to be endorsed in.

Passing score for NES is 220; passing score for WEST-E is 240. Please register for this test online through Pearson and select CWU to receive your scores electronically.

Look for the "Online Proctoring" section to see if the test you need can be taken from home!

Which test do I take

There is no test for Secondary Education  or TeachSTEM, you are only taking content tests.

The list below is organized by the name of the major or minor. Tests preparation materials are included. It is advised to read the test profile for each Domain and use the any practice tests available to prepare. The links below are to the profiles on the WEST/NES site.

NES Tests


WEST-E Tests


A limited number of vouchers are available to cover the cost of the WEST-B, WEST-E or NES tests. Vouchers will be awarded based on the highest amount of financial need (as determined by CWU’s Financial Aid Office). Vouchers may only be used for new test registrations. The Teacher Certification Program will email you the result of your application. Do not submit payment for the test until you have been notified by the Teacher Certification Program whether or not you have received a voucher.

To qualify for a voucher applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be currently enrolled at Central Washington University and applied to the Teacher Certification Program.
  2. Show financial need, as determined by the CWU Financial Aid Office.
  3. Have not received a previous voucher for a given test. You may only receive the voucher one time.

Voucher Values

  • Applications are only processed on the first of every month. If you apply after the first you will need to be patient in waiting for our response.
  • WEST-B Voucher (up to $96) awarded monthly. Broken into $32 codes to register for each subtest.
  • WEST-E or NES Voucher (up to $96) awarded monthly.
Apply for a testing voucher

What happens if I do not pass the content test?

CWU has developed, at the request of the state standards board, a Case-by-Case Exceptions Program to assist candidates in demonstrating their content knowledge through alternative measures. Case-by-Case is only open to current CWU students and our alumni. Case-by-Case may only be used for your primary endorsement (Major) not minors or add-on endorsements.

Things you need to register and successfully complete the process:

  • Access your CWU account.
    • If you do not remember your login information, you will need to call Service Desk at (509) 963-2001 M-F between 7am and PM. They will verify your information and walk you through the process. Should take 10 minutes.
    • When contacting Service Desk tell them you are an Education Certificate user.
    • All CWU email users require multifactor authorization. You will need to have this ready during your call to Service Desk. Information can be found on the Information Services webpage.
  • Register to become a Case-by-Case Candidate for each subtest needed, and submit credit card payment for each application
    • Case-by-Case costs $60 per WEST-E/NES test or subtest.
    • If you need to complete a Case-by-Case statement for more than one subtest you will COMPLETE THE CHECKOUT PROCESS TWICE.
  • Submit your test scores and Diagnostic Report from.

Note: score reports are available in your account for 2 years. From your account, you may view, print, and save your scores during the 2 years. Beyond 2 years you may request a copy of your test results using the online form. Your testing history for all tests taken, reported as pass/fail status, is always available to you through your account.

Complete Success Plan

How the Process works:

  1. Complete the Success Plan Form. You will be required to log into your CWU account to do this so reach out to Service Desk first!
  2. If you choose Option 2 at the end, you will be provided with a link to register and pay for Case-by-Case.
  3. Registrations are processed once per week. Once your registration has been processed the School of Education will email you a detailed set of directions, attachments, and a submission link.
  4. Read the instructions, gather evidence, and write an argument that outlines how the evidence shows you have met the content requirement in your lowest competencies. The most important piece is to do your best and submit something. Your Content Specialist will not be able to help you or provide feedback until they have something so turn in your best first effort.
  5. Content Specialist will review your submission and either mark it as approved or provide feedback, request  revision, and/or suggest use of additional resources. You will continue the feedback cycle with your Content Specialist until they determine you have met the requirements and/or time to do so expires.
  6. When your submission has been approved, the Teacher Certification Program is notified, and they will communicate with you about the next steps.

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