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William O. Douglas
Honors College

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The CWU Honors Experience

'19 DHC grad & commencement speaker, Libby Akin

The William O. Douglas Honors College (DHC), is a four-year course of study for undergraduate and transfer students at Central Washington University (CWU). 

The DHC complements all majors, and the curriculum offers passionate students an opportunity to navigate through CWU surrounded by other engaged students.

The William O. Douglas Honors College offers unique courses not found anywhere else on campus, a partial, yearly tuition waiver, and the opportunity to live in the DHC Living/Learning Community.

DHC, dare to be wise

A place where wisdom grows and challenge fosters success

The motto of the William O. Douglas Honors College is sapere aude (dare to be wise). Through one-of-a-kind classes, faculty mentoring, events targeted for mindset growth and peer and faculty advising and support, the DHC pushes students to do just that; to dare to be wise. The DHC curriculum enhances all majors and specializations, equipping DHC students with the skills and life experiences crucial to achieving their goals in today's ever-changing economy and culture.

Your gift makes a difference

DHC students have gone on to stellar and diverse careers in service, industry, education and the arts and sciences, becoming teachers, professors, diplomats, lawyers, performing artists, law enforcement personnel, scientists and engineers, among many other examples.

Many of our students are the first in their families to attend university and your support for DHC scholarships and programming can make a huge difference in their ability to graduate. Any gift can help keep a student in school.

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As a first-generation student pursuing many years of education in the field of medicine post-CWU, the DHC tuition wavier and scholarships opened the door of opportunity and allowed me an equal chance at earning a degree. With my financial burdens lessened by the DHC, I was provided a foundation for success that transcended academia - because for once I didn't have to worry if my hopes of attending medical school were too big for what I had in my pocket.

Congratulations Class of 2019 Graduates!

DHC is proud to honor the hard work and dedication of all of our DHC Class of 2019 graduates. CONGRATULATIONS GRADS! We know you will do great things in the world as you move forward into the next stage of your lives and careers. A special congratulations to Libby Akin, CWU Commencement Speaker, and to Alejandro Jimenez and Monique Khim, DHC Convocation Speakers. Special congratulations also to Holly Fleshman, winner of the 2019 Warren Street Thesis Prize, and to Jesse Squib, whose project won Honorable Mention.

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DHC students, faculty and graduates

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