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Accounting is one of the most exciting and important roles in every organization - businesses, government or non-profit organizations.  At its core, it involves the analyzing and sharing of clear and concise information to help decision-makers.  Employers are looking for inquisitive thinkers who can critically evaluate information and then communicate the core ideas in a brief manner.  Ethics and honesty are key: we cannot tell people what they want to hear, we have to tell them the financial reality so they can make the best decision going forward.

Our programs at CWU are unique in how we focus on several possible paths.  Students can obtain a Bachelor’s degree as an entry point to corporate accounting, or they can study specialized areas like management and governmental accounting, fraud/forensic accounting, or internal auditing.  The pinnacle of our program requires five years of course-work and prepares the student to sit for the CPA licensing exams, and to succeed as a Certified Public Accountant.

Students starting in accounting with a company usually engage in a deliberate career path with opportunities to move into leadership positions in five to ten years.  Those starting in the CPA track can move faster and become a licensed CPA within two years of graduation, opening more doors for advancement.  Each student should meet with faculty advisors regularly, and do informational interviews with our recent graduates to find the best-suited business orientation.
Additional resources can help the student refine her objectives.  AICPA and WSCPA offer information and support useful for the CPA path.  Other organizations such as AGA, IMA, ACFE, and IIA also have great information - and all of them offer affordable student memberships.  Students who join a professional association early in their college career are destined for a well-informed and successful professional life.

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